10 differences between dating a girl vs dating a woman

I have been through quite a lot in my life in such a very, very short time, and throughout all of these years I am now able to look back and reflect on everything that went wrong in my life and everything that went right.  I now know all the to-do's and not-to-do's in life.  Of course we will never stop learning about ourselves and that goes for me as well, but for right now I am at a place in my life where I feel very much at peace, very much secure with myself, and of course ready to settle down.  So I feel now would be the perfect time to point out the differences between what it's like to date a girl vs dating a real woman because apparently, I have played both parts in my life.  Also, age ain't nuthin' but a number as some older women can still behave like little girls while some younger girls may very well be mature enough to classify themselves as a real woman.  Which one are you?



  1. Girls will constantly play games and not be able to just tell you how they really feel.  Women know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to express themselves.
  2. Girls have so many insecurity issues because they haven't yet learned what it truly means to love themselves so they constantly feel the need to be in a relationship.  Women love having some alone time to focus on herself because she has already filled up that empty void so she doesn't always need someone to be there to babysit her or stroke her ego.  She enjoys her peace and quiet.
  3. Girls will constantly put themselves out there to be used by all of the boys, but then left to wonder why none of these guys ever want to settle down with them.  Women don't have to try so hard to get attention because they know their worth and have a lot to offer a man.  A real woman is at home reading, cooking, taking care of the family and more focused on herself and her career.  Real women have their priorities straight.
  4. Girls will always expect you to pay for everything and treat her like a princess.  Women will offer to help pay because she is financially independent.
  5. Girls go out every night getting wasted and won't even remember who they slept with the night before. Women are responsible and know their limits.  A real woman carries herself with dignity, class and is never a sloppy drunk.
  6. Girls usually feel threatened by real women, but real women never feel threatened by other girls.
  7. Girls love to watch trash tv, read trash gossip magazines and thrive off of drama.  Real women just love to read and have some peace and quiet.
  8. Girls tend to have shallow, mind numbing conversations and are usually so uptight with themselves that it's hard to actually have any fun with them unless you're just banging them for a one night stand.  Real women know how to keep the conversation going and stimulate your mind.  She knows how to make quick and quirky comebacks and isn't afraid to let her hair down to have a good time with you.  A real woman has a lot that she can teach you and isn't afraid to do so!
  9. Girls hate to eat in front of guys.  Women love to pig out as much as they want in front of guys and don't even care that they may have barbecue sauce all over their face from eating the half pound rib!
  10. Girls are constantly thinking about getting more plastic surgery done or are obsessed with how they look. Women love their curves and know how to work every bit of imperfection they may have into something absolutely irresistible!


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Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

8 thoughts on “10 differences between dating a girl vs dating a woman

  1. PLLLLEAASSEE.. make one for men. Thanks if you do! It’s cool if you don’t have time.
    -Audi(no not named after the luxury car) lol

  2. Omg Tila you give the best advice! I’d love to get your advice on how to make good conversation, I fit most of the characteristics of a woman but I have always had trouble with making good conversation, I’d loove to hear your advice on that!

  3. Well said Tila on point… I definitely identify with being a real woman and not a girl you are a inspiration 🙂

  4. #truelywritten nicely said tila 🙂 im 8/10women still need 2 to be 100%women but im yung n growin still….u r awsome tila n oh so pretty 😉 happy pregnancy!! frm sioux.nakoda.women

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