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Precious Moments with Izzy (Video)

Hey Everyone! Here is my very first PUBLIC video of my sweet little Izzy, and she is growing up so...

Yak Boy Fresh Music Video Premiere “Daddy’s Lil’ Girl”
Yak Boy Fresh

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let ya'll know that my homie, Yak Boy Fresh, has just released a brand...

The story of my love life
Tila & Brandon

So I just randomly happened to come across this video today of a mash up between Lana Del Rey's song...

Live Radio Interview With Miss Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila

If you guys missed out on my live radio interview yesterday with Miss Dee Dee you can listen to it...

Tila Tequila On: Sex, Pregnancy, Exercise and More!

Just a little advice and tips on what I do to keep myself healthy, happy, and glowing during pregnancy. Β I...

Dating Tips: How to Make Your Man Want You & Keep You!

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I Met a Fallen Angel With Wings Made of Fire
fallen angel

On the surface she shines so bright and lovely for that is who she really is, but deep beneath her...

Tila Tequila Films Her Baby’s First Kicks at 18 Weeks!
18 weeks and all belly!

Awww! I managed to capture my baby's first kicks at only 18 weeks on video! If you look about two...

Tila Tequila On Pregnancy, Beauty, Health Boobs & Maternity Clothes

Just a few tips, advice, and of course me being a bit silly as usual.     Share this post:...

Tila Tequila’s Huge Baby Bump at 18 Weeks! -Video
Baby Bump 18 weeks

Awwwww look how big the baby is getting! Β Everyone keeps thinking I'm having twins just because I'm showing much more...