The Chronicles of Annabelle Blue: Chapter One

Chapter One: Part 1

Finding Annabelle


Annabelle Blue was your typical teenage girl.  She was only 17 and still learning about the world and herself.  She came from a broken home and was always seeking to find love.  She had a hard time loving herself so she always looked for it in someone else to fill up that empty void for her.  Annabelle was a very young, sweet, naive, but happy girl overall.  She was just a little lost in life as any teenager at that age would be.  She was shy, yet daring.  Sexy, yet innocent.  She was everything a typical 17-year-old could be, but soon all of that would change.  Mr. Jones was an older man who met Annabelle or shall I say 'targeted' Annabelle online.  He was 42 years old, but he always had a thing for young and impressionable girls.  He knew exactly how to find these types of girls online because he always looked for the ones who were vulnerable and he exploited their vulnerabilities to his own advantage.  Mr. Jones was your typical online predator who posted up old photos of himself and made himself out to be younger than he really was.  He never bothered talking to women his own age because he knew that only the young and impressionable little girls would fall for his mind games and manipulations. He always looked for  the young ones who were in distress, or he would always find the ones who seemed to be at their very lowest.  The most fragile ones.  He knew those targets were easy to get and he was good at it.  Mr. Jones was a cunning and intelligent man.  This is how he is able to always get away with doing these types of things without ever getting caught.  Well, unfortunately for him... Annabelle Blue would be the last victim he would ever be able to lure in and bring into his death trap grasp ever again!

It was a cold and lonely winter's night and Annabelle had just lost both of her parents in a car accident not too long ago.  She is now living with her Aunt Melissa who already had 5 kids of her own to worry about so Aunt Melissa never really paid much attention to Annabelle.  Annabelle was also new in town and didn't have very many friends.  Plus, most of the girls in town were very mean to her because she was a very pretty young lady.  She got bullied a lot by everyone at her school and never really had anyone to talk to.  So Annabelle started an online journal where she could let out all of her deepest frustrations and emotions.  It was a way for her to let out some steam and find an outlet her to vent.  It was her only therapy and her only friend.  She noticed that after a few months of writing about her deepest, darkest secrets in her online journal that there was this new person who was always there to compliment her and say nice things to her in her online journal logs.  This person was Mr. Jim Jones.  He started out just complimenting her here and there with innocent enough comments, but as time passed he started to write her more and more everyday as his comments started turning into long love letters.

Mr. Jones knew that Annabelle was alone.  He knew that she was vulnerable, lonely, sad, and was just yearning to find someone to love her.  Because he was an older man he knew exactly how to play with her mind and eventually brainwash her.  He knew that she was easiest to bait when she was as helpless as she was at that time.  So he used her weaknesses and vulnerabilities against her.  He seemed so kind and loving.  He was always so sweet to her and always gave her excellent advice regarding her problems in life.  Soon he became her only true friend.  They started talking once a week and as time passed she found herself talking to him almost daily.  He was so enchanting and attentive.  It was as if he was like her dream come true!  She slowly started falling in love with this online personality named Mr. Jones who had finally been able to infiltrate her life and he knew he now had her in the palm of his hands.  This cunning and absolutely vile predator!  But still, it was too early for Annabelle to suspect anything just yet.  So day and night they would talk and every time she needed someone to talk to it was always Mr. Jones who was there to console her.  He was almost like a father figure to her and that made her feel really good since she was still hurting deeply from losing her both of her parents recently.  Mr. Jones was almost like a heaven-sent angel there to guide her and protect her from this cruel and lonely world!  Annabelle just couldn't wait to see where this would all go next!  She didn't care that he was 42 years old! She was about to turn 18 soon anyway so she was ready to be a woman!  She wanted to run away with Mr. Jones and get married and have kids and live happily ever after!  Oh how wonderful it has been so far to be able to find someone so perfect for her online!

After a full year of talking on the phone and writing each other love letters Mr. Jones continued to bait her more and more everyday!  Whenever the subject of sending each other new photos or maybe talk on video chat came up, Mr. Jones would always find the perfect excuses as to why he wasn't able to do those things or why it was not necessary.  He made it sound like men his age just don't do those types of silly little kid stuff.  It really made Annabelle feel less of a woman and really silly whenever she would ever bring it up again because of course she wanted to impress him.  She wanted to be a woman and since he was twice her age she figured that he of course knew more than her.  So eventually she just stopped with the silly little girl stuff such as sending pictures and wanting to do video chats online.  Mr. Jones was quick to shut those things down right away.  He always knew exactly what to do or say to work his way around revealing to her who he truly is, but for  now.... he is still Annabelle's knight and shining armor and he knew it!  He just had to keep up this facade for as long as it takes until he could get her to come to visit him at his home since he knew there was no way that he could go and stay with her since she was living at her Aunt's house.  He wanted to make sure she could travel somewhere far away from anyone who could save her once he finally was able to bait her to come to him.  This way she would have no escape and no one to help her.  This was not his first time doing this after all!   That time was soon nearing...... if only Annabelle Blue knew what Mr. Jones's true intentions were she would have never gone there, but she'll find out soon enough..... Unfortunately.

To be continued....

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14 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Annabelle Blue: Chapter One

  1. Mr. Jones sounds like a creepy bastard Ive seen trying to catfish young girls online. Great story btw.

      1. Wow, wow, wow, Tila! You wonderful girl and very lovely! Oh, oh, oh, me mad dog, I have a depression, I now sitting prinson.

  2. This is a very good story so far!! i cant wait to read more. You should definitely make a book 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! I’m so happy you like it so far! This is really just an intro… wait until you read the next chapters to come! It’s going to have so many twists and turns and surprises to them…. I’m really excited to publish more as well! I’ll try to publish a new chapter every few days so that you guys can keep up with the story. 😀

      1. Tila, you strong, power and tender lady! Baby, my finance sing romantic, I bankrupt. I have – 102 (minus one hundred two) million dollars USA. I full loser, but you iron lady. I everyday cry. Oh, oh, oh, I robber and my house burned up.

  3. Wow freckles that’s actually pretty damn good. so where you going with this… sounds like it could be pretty good and also is Annabelle a friend of a friend of a friend how much is an explosion have you written already so you actually do read the messages huh the other dudes was pretty good too though,but it was for off this is this is cool.

  4. Never trust anyone named Jim Jones.

    (btw, this story so far reminds me of the 2005 film “Hard Candy” in a way)

  5. Omg when is the next chapter ??? Are u going to be dooing them ones a week once a month ??? Please let us know I can’t wait for the next !!!!!! 🙂

  6. Interesting story, but your writing needs quite a bit of work.
    You need to “show” more, and “tell” less.
    Don’t tell us that Annabelle is sexy but not innocent, describe an interaction that will lead the reader to that conclusion… that applies to almost every description you have made in this tale so far.
    Also, add dialogue. I am sure you can come up with VERY compelling conversations between Jones and Annabelle.
    It’s tempting to regurgitate ideas all over your papers, but it cheapens your end product.
    Just friendly advice.

    1. This online book is FREE. Hence, I am not adding more detailed description on purpose. As you know… time is money. My other books will be for sale and will have proper editors and in depth writing. This is a free blog. So unless you want to pay for a full book then you will get what you pay for. Which is nothing. However, thanks for your advice.

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