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  1. Your gonna be a great mother ! I’m 16 and I had a baby girl. She’s 1 already. And I’m gonna have a little boy coming along too.

    1. your 16??? and have two kids… smh….. the youth these days… were doomed……. 16 with 2 kids and no highschool diploma….. smh smh smh

      1. you know before kids were marrying at age 12 popping kids out as soon as they were seen as “fertile.” so lay off the 16 old mom 😛 if her daughter is 1 then means she is doing something right as a mom!

  2. Hi

    I was reading your article on the it was interesting about the Illuminati
    where can I read more about them, send me a link or a blog please

    kind regards

    1. hi you look amazing congratulation I was reading your article on the about the Illuminati an d i know more about your block they don t exist any moore and about your “accident ”
      where can I read more about them, send me a link or a blog please God bless you people need to learn the true xxx

    2. I think they stopped her from speaking up. something to do with her kid. she blocked me from facebook when i asked. and that was rude shit.

    3. Tila, A wile back i asked you on your real facebook if you still did astral traveling and I was not rude I was just inquiring to see if you still did.You blocked me from commenting on your account.I was just wondering if you could send a hint as to why you did this, considering you used to like all my comments and even write back in detail.Please respond as we are worried as to what has happened to the awoken tila and her army? Once online its there for ever. Please respond, The “others” Clone you is all i can think?
      Hope you and yours are doing good. Wondering are you going to teach your child to do astral travelling also remote viewing?

  3. I’ve been researching several topics about the elite/Shadow government that I’ve found very interesting lately. I was hoping you could give me some insight on some of these topics. For example I’ve been reading into Larry Silverstein the owner of the WTC, I find it very interesting that he ate breakfast at the WTC everyday but on 9/11 he supposably had a dermatologist apt. Also his daughter who worked at the tower wasn’t there that day, he made a remark on a bbd documentary that made it sound like he admitted to building 7 being a controlled demolition. Also the fact that he took out insurance on the building and made somewhere like 5 billion dollars. Just from the interviews I’ve seen with him something doesn’t sit right with me he blinks way to much. Another topic that I find interesting is the history of the Rothschild. I was reading that there family is Jewish converts from 700AD and before that they spoke Yiddish not Hebrew. Also how Nathan Mayer Rothschild knew of napoleons defeat before anyone else and made money telling other investors that Napoleon had won. That’s just some of what I’ve been reading on.I know you have been researching topics of this nature for some time and would appreciate it if you could either tell me some of what you know about these topics or send me in a direction of places I could go to read more. Just food for thought (: Thanks

  4. Tila, ive been researching many things about your youtube channel discussions, im asking you to please stop, im worried about you. take a look at whats going on, Heath Ledger, brittnany murphy, Robin WILLIAMS, Paul Walker, singer Alyia, a lot of us already are aware of many situations that occur, still many are blind, but your just putting yourself in danger and your soon to be a mother. The Ebola thing, ive check into this and found that there is a cure for this get that out, its nano silver, not colloidal silver, this is a cure for cancer and many more so called incurable diseases. there is so much more that I know and your already probally are aware of, just get it out and let it go, becareful please we need more people like you to lead against what ive always known for years, they tried to run you over, there are many ways they will try again, like food you eat, make sure your aware of who is preparing it, watch being set up ( jail)…many in the industry have been, I don’t want too see you on the news, more people that you need to reach out to is the people in the industry, once you have the numbers then speak out together, that’s what I would do, your worried friend, my email is up there you can use it. thank you for your time and be safe.

    1. First I want to say THANK YOU tila for speaking out about these government conpirecys, lies and what’s going on in this work. Thank u for speaking for us the people cuz the truth is we do feel like there is more of them when we know in our guy the people have te numbers, we just need someone like you to help organize the people so we can STOP these injustes and stand up for what is right!! PLEASE keep speaking out cuz this country desperately needs a change and I don’t see amy other way this can happen unless there is someone like YOU to help lead us to push for our FREEDOME!!!! Don’t let them shut u down!!! U r right and the people will be there to back u 100%. Help us change this!!

  5. Hello Tila I’ve been reading your blogs for a long time now. And I feel like ever since I started to have a different mind set and it’s kinda weird to say but I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot more things that I shouldn’t… even with certain lights following while I’m driving around at 11pm-3 am in the morning I find myself talking to myself or maybe someone in my head but got me thinking what if there was dark angels and light angels… annd I truly believe you.and hope one day I will meet you. I hope you the best and nothing but help from god.

  6. I’ve always thought you were smarter than anyone let on. So I’m asking for help. I don’t want to be a bad party girl anymore. I just want to be normal with normal friends. But it’s so freaking hard. How do u get away from those things? How do you make friends that aren’t going to want to make you that fun crazy party girl again? So much bad has happened I can’t take much more. Not sure why. I try to be good but all the things happen that make being bad and heartless easier. I’ve always looked up to you so now I’m reaching out. I have so many secrets that I just can’t share with anyone else. I feel so alone and just want someone I know will understand how people can get in my head and make me think I’m better all drugged up. Please help???

  7. I was reading about the thomas man being a killer and I was wanting more info because I seen on part one he is from Carrollton Georgia and that is where I live like 5 mins from hwy 5 can you please email about it thank you and god bless

  8. I have many many doubts about all sites such as this as they can be easily created an made very believable. I may be wrong but ow well let’s hope it’s not an hears my say. I’v knows about the NWO, illuminati, masons an the reptilians for a few years now and it’s driven a lot of people out of my social circle (no harm done) but since the birth of my daughter it’s just increased my desire to know more an hopefully have the ability to protect the things I love the most. I don’t seek attention with this comment I only seek to reach out to you tila and say thanks for the posts you have shared to the world and I seriously hope that you have opened many, many more people’s eyes to what really is going on all around us day by day. Sadly I have only been able to reach out to a few people but still I’m proud to have empowered others like you have also. We are soldiers of the earth and side by side we shall stand in the protection of everything we love. again to you tila and to everyone who takes the time to read this with understanding I thanks you my brothers and sisters. Lots of love G D. Proud Daddy :)

  9. So i dont know if this is a legit website of yours or an assistant, or even a crazy fan! I mean seems legit if your offering live video chat.. Anyways if this is legit i was wondering more about your knowlege towards the illuminati?? Ive searched the web and its just filled with a bunch of ppl talking about split personalities you have an what not. I dont believe anything the media has to put out publicly. Personally i think its a crock of shit what they do to you all. I would never want to be famous, especailly with children! I am so sorry you have to live everyday of your life being judged by someone who has only read about you. Anyways i would like to just have a little more knowlege on the illuminati then what i have already. Btw love the cute belly! Makes me miss mine soo much!! I have two little munchkins! Enjoy labor it really shows you how much strength a woman truelly has! I reccommend the epideral i had it with my first it was a breeze. My second was all natural which was horrible intense pain! But worth it :)

  10. Tila came across your you tube videos very interesting. I wouldn’t say I’m a conspiracy theorist but I take nothing at face value ,and question everything,from 9/11,bigfoot(I don’t why but I find the whole bigfoot thing is interesting),ufos,aliens,illuminati and so on. For the people that call you crazy and everything else they may say. Don’t pay them no mind. I respect all that you are doing by bringing things to light.Keep up the good work.please excuse my terrible run on sentences and punctuation not a writer lol just a blue collar fella. I knew of you but didn’t really follow you not a Twitter or a facebook fan. But I’m definitly a fan of yours now. Congrats on little tila didn’t even know you were pregnant till I started reading bout you. I don’t believe any of the negative things said bout you. Hope to hear back from you sometime,I know your busy. Tila just be safe and congrats again I’m sure you will be a good mom. Take care beautiful.

  11. Plz!! Say something about the illuminati! The people in control must speak out! It’s scary beause you have a child now! But you need to spread the word! Spread the strength and courage to fight back and know the truth!!!

  12. hi Tila I want to know more about you and the issue or problem you have with the illuminati and I’m just asking and I’m not a member of the illuminati.

  13. interested in the truth about free masons, Illuminati and your wonderful light. My daughter sent me a link today and well now I’m here. Wish you the best for your fight for truth and your family.

  14. I need to know more about it! THEY! I also want to know why jay z wants the so called “throne” him and Lil Wayne rap about…. And his holy grail magna carts album. Is it true you are all battling against them or are some on THEY’RE side against us…. Please tell all that you can but please protect yourself and that baby. Xo

  15. I saw a link on Facebook of a blog you are writing exposing the illuminati and I wondered how I’d be able to keep up to date?

    Many thanks


  16. Id love for you to tell me more about “certain things” if you know what I mean bc you seem like the only real one of hollywood and I think it would benefit me more to know about these things so please get back to me please im not a bad person

  17. I know you’ll probably never read this tila but I’ve always felt curious about this world and how things work. Lately, since I’ve been getting older a lot of unexplainable things have been happening to me almost like I’m receiving information into my thoughts of things I’ve never learned. I would like to personally talk to you but I have no idea how to reach you. I hope anyone that see’s this that has had similar things happen to them to contact me. I am a helper soul who needs to be reminded where I come from and what I came here to do.

    1. I have been experiencing the same thing! Actually it started when i was four years old i was laying in bed and i suddenly new how to multiply certain numbers. I remember telling my mom answers to math problems that i couldnt possibly know answers to she was kinda freaked. Then my aunt was babysitting me at her house she had a poster of the lead singer of pearl jam on her wall i was two yrs old an could not talk, i walked up to the poster she was next to me an i pointed an said eddie vedder, then took off running. Weird huh. Freaked her out to. Then when i was about three four yrs i wud do stuff like say something specific or get in trouble an when i was asked y i said/done what i did i wud tell whoever was watching me at the time that the voices in my head told me to do it lol, i have experienced some bizarre stuff in my life now its my reflexes, just over night they became ridiculously fast where everyone jokes around n calls me a jedi haha. So what types of things have u had going on? Sry this is long its just a subject that im soo super interested in now that im older

  18. Hi miss tips. You look great for just having a baby. 16 year’s ago I did to LOL. My son was born at a whopping 12lbs 11oz 24.3 inches long. I know what it’s like to raise a child on your own. My son’s father died when I was 6 month’s pregnant. To be a woman and single. I think? Is really hard nowa a days not to mention frown apon. My son also happens to be half Chinese. I love how opened minded you are. Just be careful of who you post to or chat with. There are a lot of piers out there… A loving Mother!!

  19. Hi my name is Jessica am 21 and just know getting into photography recently I have been asked to pose nude…its a big step but you are a great inspiration and thank you for that…

  20. Hey Tila, i was wondering r u single? I watch your tv show on MTV. if i was their i would treat u like a real princess. Here my number if u want to talk to me. It is (336)-592-7454. I live in Roxboro NC. Yes i would love to meet u and your little girl.

    1. Hey girl,
      what r u doing? Well i got your address where live at. Maybe u and your baby can come and meet me. I love horses back riding. Here my address to. my. house 386 Gabriel Jones rd, Roxboro NC, 27574. Txt me a message to my phone and i will answer. Thanks Jessica

  21. Tilaaaa, what’s hangin’? You’re hella fun and make my Facebook newsfeed interesting. Or at least when you were active. You’re busy being a parent now! That’s great! You go be a good mother!

    Love, David.

  22. I want you to go online sale on this Poetry book.





    PR 9387.6.E36S698 2009 821.

    ISBN 978-978-903-080-4 [pbk] AACR2


    All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced
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    The materials in this book is based my experiences,
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    Disappointment, pain and regrets, denial of trust, negativity
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    May Gods glorious name be praised forever and ever more
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    I kept my hope in him for it is through him comes the
    Fulfillment of purpose and dreams, wishes and desires that
    Are his will, making what seems impossible to be possible,
    For he saw me through this unseen battle that have lasted
    For many years, difficulties and pain designed to ruin my
    Life, keeping me through some manipulated stories that
    Surrounds this life.

    When the troubles of life comes visiting
    It is always far beyond what we are thinking
    But if we stick to what we strongly believe
    At the end there will be a great relieve.

    No matter how ugly today may look
    There is a tomorrow ahead of us looking so good
    We must accept the challenges of today
    The joy and happiness they took
    Strengthen our faith so we can be winners
    In this survival race that is ending soon.



    The future holds the answer to our questions
    So hard it is sometimes to overcome emotions
    Fate is one thing we cannot control
    But inside we are bound to play our role
    The part we play sometimes end to be negative
    But deep inside, we come with the right motive
    Situation always leaves us blaming our ill-fate
    But we can only stand the test with strong faith
    There are events the meaning gives no understanding
    But the end leaves us in the wrong or right standing
    We intend to live life the place it is so high
    But disappointments always leave us asking why
    Life is being lived from trouble to trouble
    Though our efforts to succeed we have giving double
    Living us unhappy with our achievement
    Like it was designed for us to be in this predicament
    We must have chosen the right path to our destiny
    Still the chances of becoming successful look so tiny.

    We have been dreaming of a world so magnificent
    Where a catalyst is illustrious not misrepresented
    Today our impertinent attitude brings us ignominy
    We implore for answers to impropriety with no meaning
    Looking at our ignoble acts becoming exacerbate
    When our wish and desire is for everyone to exonerate
    With rebuff of vivid imaginations, our world no longer photogenic
    Wondering if this neurotic ways of life could be genetic
    Impelled efforts to reawaken the receptive mind impaired
    Our volition and unsurpassed ideas left us in despair
    Pondering after the unutterable unprecedented charade
    That climaxes and clouds the wise mind of this age
    When the zeal should be to reanimate the humorous
    But alas, the situation suddenly was seized by the frivolous
    The declaration of the clairvoyance faces misinterpretation
    Though the vision must have been mistaken for hallucination
    The adventurous event in deep thought is undignified
    Still it is the calamity that many truly magnified
    Our relentless abortive effort to instigate the positive motive
    Sometimes faces vicious development so repulsive
    But we crave for a life promising and venerable
    Let’s be fastidious, rebirth of a new world is from the cradle.

    With deep sorrow and bitterness we cry for a change
    From a pitiful situation so abnormal and deranged
    So much wickedness sprouting out into the earth surface
    Terrific challenges and difficulties we embrace face to face
    Fighting to manoeuvre the intrigue of a shallow thought
    For in the net of the dubious we are often caught
    Like the life we desire is left with no other option
    Than to live and be nurtured by bribery and corruption
    For we have crucified the mother of trust called sincerity
    Now what we have locked outside our heart is charity
    And the visions of hope are left to rust in a creative mind
    For a twisted wisdom always make the world go blind
    With our covered up mistakes interpreting a bigger failure
    We are left in the hands of divine mercy as our Savior
    The despair and fear of what the world has become brings cold
    Through manipulated ways of life truth is left to uphold
    With perseverance we fight not to lose integrity and dignity
    Hoping the days ahead will bring us great peace and unity
    We struggle to see through the dark going through so much torture
    Still we will ignore the torment and create for us a bright future.

    Hard work in life can pay back so much pain to you
    Your deeds can be right but disappointment follows all do
    Leaving you crushed down like hope is so far away
    Even the hope you see may not be coming your way
    Everything you demand from life will be so far above
    Making you wish for a little touch of love
    Your wishes will leave you feeling deeply hurt
    Negativities will come to cloud your every thought
    Desires will no longer be found in them any pleasure
    For life seems to have nothing to offer you but pressure
    Your labor will become an advantage for many to gain
    Your plans will be frustrated to add sorrows to your pain
    So much bitterness can be tasted from your tongue
    When the right is being pushed aside for what is wrong
    You will be convinced there is nothing more in life to live
    For deep inside you have giving all required in life to give
    When it finally becomes so hard to lift the burden
    The spirit may start considering leaving the body
    But it is your battle between your destiny and fate
    Through this difficulties the just live by faith.

    Life on earth is something so light
    But we struggle to push it to a great height
    So many are here to make it difficult to pull
    We just don’t let it drop but keep moving it cool
    The way it looks today we got it dressed yesterday
    Though changes occur due to heat of the later day
    So quick it disappears when it hits the floor
    So easily we give up all we are here for
    And the journey of many years becomes a waste
    Though we never for once got its real taste
    Still many are here for that of so many
    While theirs they can’t tell the remaining
    It is the desire of many to live to its fullest
    So many give more to it while others just careless
    Sometimes many find it to be so empty
    That they give it up just for nothing
    But it is a race the strong makes to the finish line
    So I made up my mind long ago to also finish mine.

    Situation and circumstances
    Kept me away from realities
    Hopeless and helplessness
    Is what made up my happiness
    I waited for my day of enthronement
    But it came and went without a moment
    I got a date with fate
    But came around so late
    Now my hope and long-time dream
    Seems to be flowing down the stream
    I am an eagle with no wing
    But wishes to journey with the wind
    Even when I try to lift my self
    I got pulled down by the hand I look up to for help
    I am in so much distress
    Living this life straight
    Living with so much promises
    But now they are more like nemesis
    Confused about who I am
    And what actually is my aim

    What a deceitful destiny
    Maybe life has got no meaning
    Maybe I am the one with no direction
    Or the road I journey through is just reflection
    When will my good will be fulfilled?
    Will my tomorrow ever be revealed?
    Day after day the road becomes tougher
    How long will I still have to suffer?
    To get to a place that is safer
    Though the journey won’t yet be over
    I wish I can just explain
    What actually I intend
    Maybe I won’t have to say all this
    Maybe I have to say just this
    If only I know much about humanity
    If only my dream can come to reality
    If only I can break away from negativity
    If only I was born with possibilities
    If only what I see in the future is real
    Then I will believe in me.


    Sometimes in life there are limitations
    That surrounds our so much desired expectations
    We feel so down casted with no satisfaction
    As we journey into our different destination
    The future sometimes comes with disappointments
    Despite all our efforts to keep time and appointments
    Life remain imbalanced though we took the right measure
    Surrounded by circumstances that keeps us under pressure
    A lot of activities coordinated without the right mind
    For the curiosity and excitement made us go blind
    We are left wishing we can wipe out the past and start again
    For the past keep haunting us to vomit the gain
    We must have ignored all warning seeing no prospect
    Locked in a situation that made us loose respect
    In worthless issues and what is vain we truly delight
    But the end leaves us in our desired desert and plight
    We make things more difficult just to have it the easy way
    When what we should develop to a bigger view we give away.

    We live life where desires are not fulfilled like we anticipate
    Dreamers lives with no hope, encouragements to instigate
    Most times negativity becomes the rebellious
    But positive thinking keeps us moving victorious
    When knowledge and deep thought finally digest
    Wisdom and great inspiration begins to manifest
    When our efforts and goodwill fail to be justified
    We carry on with the activities of life unsatisfied
    Moving on with our daily living like we are content
    Deep in our hearts there are issues that remain contempt
    Many tricks in life that make us always end deceived
    Our contributions into it decides what will be received
    Our actions sometimes invite us into a life destitute
    We encourage them hoping someday find substitute
    This predicament sometimes leads us to frustration
    And we are finally held captive in the grievous situation
    We are sometimes embittered by our denied labor
    With offered compensation looking more like a favor
    For through life jealousy and envy accompanies the best
    But the courageous always make it through the test.

    We have lived chasing after dreams or what could be a wish
    With bitterness, sorrows and pain always served as our dish
    The knowledge of the wise becoming poison to their brain
    While dignity, integrity and sincerity flows down the drain
    For the vanity of life is now so strong and can easily captivate
    This day they have caught up with us to finally castigate
    Happiness and the joy of life we have failed to defend
    Into our hearts the horror and grieve now deeply descend
    Our hearts desire now looks more like a fading shadow
    For the path towards a fulfilled life is now so shallow
    This makes a peaceful and loving atmosphere so hard to attain
    More like this suppression and manipulated ways of life is certain
    Though through life we have done nothing more than strive
    For life is hooked by obstacles that made it difficult to drive
    We look forward to see this showers of pain end in due season
    Then the life we live can be backed up with a good reason
    All this takes me back to when days were still ancient
    Though the present days carries none of their scent
    Knowledge is one thing we cannot despise but keep
    For imaginations and thoughts to keep running so deep.

    We live in a world of illusion
    With life filled with depression
    The air filled with so much tension
    We are always in apprehension
    Disaster on anticipation
    So hard to make decision
    On how to accomplish all we have in vision
    So many living in destitution
    We are always in confusion
    Afraid not living up to expectation
    So many with different inspiration
    Some protects a reputation
    That leads many to destruction
    We have to know the direction
    That is our intention
    So we can all get to our destination
    Stand against this discrimination
    Going on in the nation
    Let our hearts be taken over by emotion
    We will be filled with strong impression
    And everything in life will bring satisfaction.

    We live in a world of mystery
    Events of today going down in history
    Our world crashing down right in our face
    And we have nothing to hold on to but grace
    We await the day the whole world will say
    Bye to the virus that causes AIDS
    How will tomorrow be for our children?
    It is so cloudy that we cannot ignore the rain
    Nowadays we wither like a tree
    Though we stand beside a stream
    Could this be a man-made catastrophe?
    Or that nature have got a hand in this
    Bitterly the world is mourning
    A loved one every new morning
    I don’t have to say what I know not
    But I wish I know more
    Maybe heaven poured down a curse
    Or that science finally failed us
    It is a thing of sorrow
    For today we are all living in horror
    Could this have gotten out of hand
    Or we are just waiting to see the end
    Who will come to our rescue?
    Before we are all struck with this plague.

    We have been struggling through reality
    And fantasy, hope and vanity
    Been through so much brutality
    That affected our mentality
    With so much insanity
    No more hospitality and charity
    For so long we have been crying
    Watching each other gradually dying
    We should not give up the hope that kept us trying
    For someday we all might just be flying
    We can’t hide or escape this hard day
    Instead of running away
    We should change things from their wrong way
    And life will be so friendly for us to happily stay
    We cannot keep hiding our pain
    Hoping someday we will reap our gain
    We cannot sit all day with our hands fold
    Just waiting for the end of the world
    We cannot wait like the story is yet untold
    While deep inside our feelings are getting cold
    Let us keep up our head
    So at the end of the fight we will be ahead
    Save the world from the hands of evil men
    That is now on their receiving end
    Give each other a helping hand
    So we can all get to the promise land.

    We are trying to build a strong world
    But our effort is being washed away by erosion
    We bring our journey on earth to an end
    By what we make out of our own hand
    How bright will the weather be for our kids?
    For we may soon have to pay for the air we breath
    We see smoke and dust always covering the sky
    Watching as the defenseless helplessly die
    As many that could not cry
    Got tears running down from their eyes
    And we only keep asking why
    But the answer is kept far from our mind
    When will hatred among mankind end
    Must the innocent pay with their head?
    Each time our leaders fail to understand
    Or we are sacrificed for our nations to stand
    We have chased away what we know as love
    Will there ever be peace again for us
    Yesterday was filled with war song
    We witness today facing destruction
    It is so hard to believe that tomorrow is sure.

    Under the sun nothing is hidden
    For everything secret shall be revealed
    What we whisper in the inner room
    Shall be announced on the top of the roof
    Truth cannot be kept secret for long
    But lies will need another to cover it up
    Conscience will always open up the picture
    So we can be prepared to face the future
    When grievous activities fail to be prevented
    It looks more certain that they were intended
    Our thoughts can lead us to the wrong direction
    When we did not rightfully decide our hearts intention
    A deep sight into the unseen captures a great vision
    With hope it becomes positive and successful mission
    When emotion is so strong it becomes a torture
    When it fails to accomplish what it was activated for
    From the active brain comes something presentable
    But failure occur when focus of the mind is unstable
    Idle mind can make great talents hard to find
    But creativity come from a thoughtful mind.

    Peace and love is what the world long for
    But keeping it they have replaced with torture
    Still we are not giving up the fight to save the future
    For seeing the hopeless feel some green pasture
    Is one goal I know in my heart that is sure

    We have come with love and peace
    But the wicked will not let evil to cease
    Evil and injustice causing the uprising of the sea
    Global warming on its increase
    Now we are no longer at ease

    For evil has been legalized and now on its rise
    Just to prove to God how they have become wise
    For long they have taking up the fight
    Pulling us down from great attainable height
    For we are blind claiming to see with our eyes

    They have brought to the world their evil curse
    Determined to see our fall no matter the cost
    Difficulties getting from worse to worst
    Destruction closing on us like it is a must
    When we are trying to make up all we have lost.

    Life can sometimes bring bitterness to our heart
    When progress becomes something terribly hard
    Difficult it becomes to find a place to hide
    For everywhere will seem to be so tight
    Even when our deeds are right
    We still have to strike
    To get to our aiming height
    We are working so hard to survive
    Hoping to see the future bright
    Today we live more like it is night
    For all we thought we know left us blind
    Our little hope keep vanishing from our sight
    For it has become so hard to see the light
    It is time for us to rise
    Think about the tomorrow child
    We must not give up the fight
    Sit back and wait till we all die
    We have to protect this little smile
    That keeps us going all this while
    Open our eyes so we don’t slip aside.

    Our world is being eating up
    By war bribery and corruption
    Injustice and oppression of the poor
    Those that are supposed to give us hope
    Are taking the little we have away by force
    Now it is very difficult to say for sure
    What the future we await got for us
    Many of us grew up wishing we were never born
    While many never knew how difficult it is to grow
    They only wish to always remain young
    But with all hope not yet lost
    I still believe we will one day triumph
    For our survival in this cruel world
    Is to carry each other along
    So we can be strong and live for long
    Though we are placed where to be stepped upon
    We shall someday rise to overcome
    For our mental torture is making us strong
    Stars shall arise from the slum
    To get a taste of a greener pasture
    There will be hope for our young
    They will see ahead of them a bright future.

    Sometimes in life the situation run out of control
    Even when we are playing our rightful role
    Some things we do lead to our own destruction
    When we fail to yield to advice or instruction
    Then it becomes difficult to move into the future
    Though we hope someday feel its greener pasture
    With negative thoughts getting the mind filled
    Purpose and dream becomes so hard to be fulfilled
    Our hope disappears and we blame our ill-fate
    But our failure can be traced back to a mistake
    When we fail to apply faith as a great force
    We are left helpless and unable to fulfill our course
    Most times it is the kind of life we design
    Not knowing the right time and sign.

    Years gone still see nothing but a fleeting dream
    Nothing so much desired in life easily become real
    Everything in life seems to be controlled by fate
    Through this struggle of life we still keep the faith
    Wishes sometimes get blown away by the wind
    Even when we try so hard to tell what tomorrow will bring
    Making our right decision look like a big mistake
    For nothing will be left in our big aim to take
    Then we picture the side of life that can be in vain
    And start counting all our loses and gain
    Sometimes the only reward we get is always regret
    Out of the opportunities that would have made us great
    Our best efforts will only leave us confused
    Making us begin to think we are only being used
    But understanding the principle of life and nature
    Will determine how easily we will make the future.

    We search for a new world
    For this old world is gradually sinking with us
    A world filled with war and destruction
    So many evil ones taking us to the world beyond
    Our young kids trained to kill with gun
    Rape cases among our women turning into a song
    Young girls are used as maids and sex slaves in homes
    When they are supposed to be guaranteed protection
    Sometimes I wonder if this big globe
    Will still contain us in the near future
    For today we live with so many evil manipulation
    But giving up hope will only be worst
    Let us preach peace instead of instigating war
    Open our hearts to be free for love
    For without love peace will never grow
    We have to be strong to fight on
    Join hands to lift the sinking world
    Someday life will once again be fun.

    Here we are watching the world decay
    We watch with no effort to help
    We watch the world get drained
    By those that only care about their gain
    They own the planet earth like they claim
    And we have to pay with the little we make
    Our health being threatened by biological case
    We watch as things continue to change
    From the way we have managed
    To always make it into another day
    Everything just keep vanishing away
    Love and peace, hope and dream
    We are always trying to get a break
    From this sorrows and pain
    For the past left a bitter memory in our brain
    Now we are wondering when this storm will end
    The only thing that keeps us going strong is faith
    Day after day we have managed to stand
    Looking forward to see a great future ahead.

    Could life really be exciting and fun?
    Is everything moving right or wrong?
    Are we living in misery happily?
    Or it is just the way it should be happening
    Whenever it seems we are pulling up
    We fall deeper than before
    We thought we know everything
    Still yet we have achieved nothing
    We have travelled for many years
    But we are heading to nowhere
    Will our sorrow ever be crowned with joy?
    Or we are been led away to be destroyed
    We want to get to our destination
    But we are left with no determination
    Now we are in a situation
    That needs a strong motivation
    For we failed to acknowledge
    The existence of the most great.

    We have been struggling to cross over
    To a side where the heat is lower
    But it is like the road keeps getting hotter
    So day after day we also get stronger
    Looking forward to get over this bitterness
    For once in this miserable life taste some happiness
    Many got their hands deepen in the wrong business
    To make sure the world does not feel our greatness
    When today we should be boasting of peace
    Only if evil was just allowed to cease
    Tomorrow many might just be deceased
    Getting infected with some deadly disease
    Yesterday in the lives of many was so rough
    Today is kind of difficult and tough
    Now we pray and hope tomorrow will be soft
    So the future we hope to see will be loved
    In the world so many are living jobless
    While many work more but earn less
    Sometimes our labor seems hopeless
    So we give up the struggle like we are helpless
    But if we should keep on being hopeful
    Someday someone might just be helpful
    So let us not be doubtful
    That someday this life will be joyful.

    Growing up is not something so easy
    Still we keep our head up not to be lazy
    Rushing ahead to embrace the sorrows of this life
    Offering all we know best just to survive
    Holding fast the desire to see things right
    Hoping to see this dark world filled with light
    Praying and wishing to once again be free
    But all that keeps coming looks like they must be
    Every tomorrow ahead becomes one bitter day
    More like nothing good in life actually pay
    So rough it becomes every way we chose to ride
    Terrific circumstances always taking us for a ride
    Each day presents another cause to worry
    Disappointed are we always, drowning in a state of sorry
    Though we had in mind of doing the world good
    But life has offered its other side that is so rude
    Through this difficulty we keep pushing on strong
    Trying so hard to be far from living wrong
    We are left living with little or no regret
    For out this test might emerge something great.

    Today many are chasing after the wind
    Working so hard like it is a race they have to win
    Tying to be placed high above without a wing
    Hoping to change what is meant for the future to bring
    I am only here today because I was sent
    Many know but instead they still pretend
    For they are here to change how my life will end
    But I can’t say what would be when they don’t intend
    They came tried so hard and captured my thought
    Taking away the best in me is the reason they fought
    My mind remain the only place where they are caught
    Inside my heart remains all the pain they have brought
    Happy days and great future will remain my wish
    For my life is really troubled so I need some peace
    I thank the lord for giving me the words I preach
    For without him on the throne my breath will cease
    I am only trying to figure out what actually went wrong
    Why my whole life is being destroyed for long
    Could this be the test that finally made me strong?
    I write this today so tomorrow the world can sing my song.


    The world is filled with evil practices
    Wickedness in the high places
    The poor and needy remain helpless
    While evil men continue to oppress
    They feel they are predominant
    While the helpless is being put to death
    Forgetting He that is omnipotent
    That every creature on earth
    Must come under for judgement
    They put people through horrific predicament
    Making life filled with so much torment
    Through wickedness they live feeling so great
    Believing they will always see another day
    Not knowing their destruction lies along the way
    The day of reckoning they will count their loses and gain
    For all their life they have chased after what is vain.

    Difficulties of today we embrace face to face
    Knowing fully well that life can’t be replaced
    Even when it is hard to we still don’t let go
    For all day we still aim effortlessly to hit our goal
    So much pressure and hatred making it hard to cope
    Assurance that time will tell becomes our only hope
    Looking forward to a great tomorrow
    Gives us the strength to overcome the sorrow
    Survival remains the only game we play
    And loosing remains the debt we always pay
    We keep moving strong making it through the test
    Believing few steps ahead lie a place for us to rest
    We give it all hoping to live up to our goodwill
    So our purpose and mission here will be fulfilled
    But out there is always the temptation
    Trying to divert our focus from our destination
    Making the journey to be filled with so much distress
    But despite all this we still think straight
    Sometimes our agony through life bring us fame
    But most times they only erase the name
    We thrive all day looking towards the end
    For peace and love remains the gift we send.

    For long it has been a fight for freedom
    Hoping someday see things rightfully done
    There are days we hardly find food on our table
    Despite all the things we have been able
    Looking ahead a sunny is what we see
    Though it has been so cloudy just like the sea
    But with the weather looking so rainy
    We could be receiving blessings many
    It has been so slippery climbing to the top
    But all we have taking is from our cup
    A future so bright seen from a rightful view
    But those that make it through are always few
    Holding on to the dream to soar into the sky
    Keeping faith hoping this dream never die
    Destiny keeps the vision clear to survive
    Hoping all day to see a great future arrive
    For the past buried the joy of many or their pain
    The future is sure to be offering the same
    A land full of hope we see when we close our eyes
    But the path is so dark that we truly need a light.

    Life seems to have brought us distress
    Making us have a share in man’s wickedness
    We still make it a duty being good to people
    Though it never kept us far from their evil
    Struggling and searching for a peaceful air
    For so suffocating has become the atmosphere
    Wondering if things will ever be the same again
    For life is filled with selfish interest and rootless gain
    Still we struggle through great discrimination
    Hoping to make it with a great determination
    With truth murdered, buried and forgotten
    Evil and lies has become the only begotten
    The world captured by darkness and under attack
    Let’s be watchful not to be taking from the back
    Taking each day that comes like just a step
    Measuring out the days ahead with faith
    Wishes and dreams we hide inside our hope
    For we are making a big jump over a distant hole.

    Good ways of truth and honesty are disappearing
    Evil faces covered with friendly looks appearing
    They are all out giving their best fight
    The defenseless are left to feel their bite
    Making us wonder if this is the desired way of life
    Or we are meant to be tortured and brutalized with a knife
    We have lived a life where many take no precaution
    But soon they are brought to face the repercussion
    No matter how hard or bitter life seems to have become
    A future filled with happiness and joy will come
    From the beginning we must have seen the end
    Getting to our destination is what we intend
    All the worries of today will be forgotten
    For a new beginning shall be begotten
    Then we can freely continue with our journey
    For it will be the dawn of a new morning.

    We have tried to live this life offering their love
    As the greatest command that is placed above
    Despite all the processes that we have tried
    All efforts to share it equally has been denied
    More like the world have nothing to offer but hatred
    Jealousy and envy now the commodity they trade
    Making their gain not minding who will be hurt
    Sincerity and dignity long lost their value and worth
    Making life more miserable left with mixed feeling
    For evil manipulation is now part of our daily living
    Our intentions always dropping from good to bad
    The indication dictates the spirit feeling so sad
    Our destination has become difficult for us to arrive
    For we are terrified through our struggle to survive
    Now the only thing that is left for us to loose is hope
    It is the strength that keeps us going and also cope
    Now we await a great tomorrow to be welcomed
    For we are now dumb to say what today has become.

    Nowadays I see so many dreamers
    With faded dreams getting weaker
    For things are not getting better
    Day after day it has remained bitter
    We have to strengthened our faith
    To be strong in the race
    So we can make it through the storm and rain
    For once in our life see a sunny day
    So many wishes yielded no fruit but died
    Still all day we still try to soar high
    To the height where I will forever shine
    Good things shall not pass us by
    We will stay strong till the end of the fight
    Though it is not by power or by might
    But with every goodwill of the mind
    Someday I will look up to the sky and smile
    We will soar all around the globe
    Spreading peace and love will be our goal
    There will be hope for the unborn
    Justice will also be strong.

    We long and hunger for a world
    Where we can boast of peace instead of war
    Where there will be for all freedom and liberty
    Where life is valued and not threatened by poverty
    Where people are driven by good purpose as their mission
    With safe environment for the realization of our vision
    Where we can live a fulfilled life and not lose our head
    With facilities of development for us to be ahead
    Good measures of prevention for all against any disease
    Where child abuse, hawking and trafficking will cease
    A world where our good efforts will be projected
    And our goodwill and dream nurtured and protected
    A world where wickedness and evil will flee from all nation
    Then once again the world will be so strong from foundation
    With bribery and corruption the world’s greatest pollution
    We hope our great leaders of good resolution find a solution.

    The answers we sought experience gives them right
    What we see outside could not be happening inside
    Many are here as darkness trying to put out our light
    But they cannot overcome us for God is on our side

    They made a choice to sell off their integrity
    To accomplish an evil course that brings death
    Giving away a long preserved dignity
    Just to profit from around the earth

    We have been placed for so long behind the curtain
    Forced to accept whatever we are being told
    Looking down on us like our shame is certain
    Left us helpless waiting for mercy like we are sold

    Many will be left to explain what they don’t understand
    For they failed to get their head connected to their mind
    No matter how deep truth is buried it will someday stand
    Though they search for what is not there for them to find

    Trying to bring down destruction upon us
    Tearing apart what took us many years to build
    Wandering around the same spot like they are lost
    Sacrificing their lives to make sure we are ruined.

    We are trying to reach what we can’t hold
    Soon the hidden shall unfold
    And the world will be so cold
    We shall be amazed like it has never been told
    The more we are trying to know
    We will be getting confused the more
    It is time to fish out a solution
    To tackle this tribulation
    Or it will be a disastrous end
    For every living creature on earth
    I am not taking away your sorrow
    To bring you this horror
    But the unexpected
    Will keep on being expected
    Time is running very fast
    And we still have to travel back to the past
    To correct our very big mistake
    Now that our future is at stake.

    What was said in the past has been accomplished
    And the events of today will be the beginning of the end
    Very soon we will boldly say that it is finished
    For the world will witness her greatest amazement.

    We keep thinking of the unknown tomorrow
    If it will bring us peace or sorrow
    Making the right not knowing what might follow
    Caught in a situation that keeps us going solo

    The path we so much fear to journey through life
    Will remain the only road left for me to drive
    Terrifying becomes the journey still I thrive
    For it is the only way the vision will survive

    Despite the struggle surrounded still by scavengers
    Threatening this life with so many dangers
    But we don’t have anything to do with vengeance
    For the jeopardized path might be their only chance

    All we do is wait for the end to decide
    For many are being destroyed by their evil device
    But with justice always on our side
    The hope to save the future will not be swept aside.

    We spend the most part of this life dreaming
    With days that passes with a cold feeling
    But all day we wish to break away from this pain
    More like the life we live is now our only gain
    Day after day there is always a difficult challenge
    Trying to set the mind free from the past damage
    Designed to frustrate us to eventually die
    Still we try to always keep the spirit high
    Giving all we will to live a glorious life
    With our hearts being pierced through with a knife
    Just to make sure we never step into the paradise
    Which long ago we already paid the price.

    Healing the world is the mission
    And great tomorrow the vision
    We were all called but I was chosen
    To lead many through the door that is closing
    I see darkness descending
    But as the light I am defending
    But the journey have kept me in despair
    Though I have not gotten more than I can bear
    Always hoping each day will bring relief
    But they come and went leaving me in grieve
    Like it has been programmed for me to be oppressed
    But reshaping the future only got me obsessed
    The events of tomorrow could be disastrous
    Being brought close to us by those so callous
    Trying to intimidate me with their evil oppression
    Not knowing what could be my last intention
    They have come to offer me war and blood
    My peace running through the earth like flood
    For in my hand lies the fate of the land
    Great disaster it will be if it slips off my hand.

    Evil has been made a perfect plan
    Days are being numbered in the land
    So many offers believed to be helping hand
    But the means is always justified by the end
    Then issues are made open like should be
    Far from what should be the vision and dream
    Appearances not revealing how we truly feel
    For nightmares sometimes turn out to be real
    Though journey through life must have been rough
    Still many are here to make it so tough
    We never know what our life is really worth
    Until to take it become to so many their work
    But what is being happily giving away
    Bitterly might just be what is received back again
    Ignoring straight path choosing a stumbling way
    Eager to grab it all no matter how painful it is to take
    Unfolding events reveals our thoughts deeply gone bad
    And the light in our eyes through the years turned dark
    Outwardly happy but the spirit and soul so sad
    Even to forgive and forget is a thing terribly hard.

    I have got pain in my heart
    All my deeds seems not to be right
    To make a living in this world is so hard
    All day and all night
    I keep on wondering why
    So much darkness instead of light
    And how to move to a greater height
    My whole life has been torn apart
    My joy taking away by the past
    How long will this pain last
    Oh lord heal this bleeding heart
    There is no sweet but bitter smile
    Many are here to jeopardize
    All my efforts to arise
    But I will keep the spirit high
    Stand and give all the fight
    Someday the future will be bright
    For after night comes day light.

    I have journeyed all the way long
    Through the ocean and sea shore
    In search of those living in sorrow
    To give them hope for a great tomorrow
    But all the people I think good of
    Only want to see me fall
    I wish to journey back home
    But back home I will account for my work
    How do I accomplish this mission?
    With no chance to say out my vision
    I have waited patiently for today to come
    Now here I am in pain feeling so cold
    I am in the middle of the world
    All alone with no direction
    Can anyone hear me when I call?
    Or could I have been left all alone
    To be fried up by the sun
    It has been difficult for me to grow
    But now I wish I was never born
    For I can hear the vultures
    Crying out loud for me to be devoured
    O lord if it is thy wish for me to fall
    Let the yet unborn
    Take my place when I am gone.

    I walked away so I will be relieved
    Pick up the remaining pieces of my life
    But I think I have been deceived
    For I can hardly see the light
    It is getting dark
    The winds are traveling back
    The clouds are rumbling
    Should I ignore their warning?
    Or should I sit back till morning
    I am only beginning my journey
    Turning back now will be worse than coming
    So I have to continue running
    But how do I escape this raging storm
    Who will pull me out before I drown?
    So many thoughts and worries on my mind
    Will I ever live this life to say I am fine?
    I wish I knew my ill-fate in time
    I would never have come into this earth to die
    Could this be the path to my destiny?
    Or some forces are testing me
    Will I finally break free?
    Or will my life end just like a dream
    When will tears cease from my eyes
    For I am getting frozen like ice

    I walked away so I will be relieved
    Pick up the remaining pieces of my life
    But I think I have been deceived
    For I can hardly see the light
    It is gradually getting dark
    The clouds have started rumbling
    The winds are now traveling back
    Should I ignore there warning
    Or should I sit and wait till night is over
    The journey of my life just began
    Turning back now will be longer miles to cover
    I will speed up like never before I have ran
    But how do I escape this raging storm
    Will I ever again live this life to say I am fine?
    Who will pull me out before I drown?
    So many thoughts and worries on my mind
    Wondering if this could be the path to my destiny
    I wish I had known my ill-fate in time
    Never would I wonder away for forces to be testing me
    Though I am destined to live not to die
    Eager to know if my life will finally end just like a dream
    For its been years tears never ceased from my eyes
    Will I ever in this life break free?
    For gradually I am getting frozen like ice.

    I thought I walked away so I will be relieved
    But now I know that I have been deceived
    So hard it is picking the remaining pieces of my life
    So blindfolded that I can hardly see the light
    Gradually it is getting dark
    The winds are traveling back
    The clouds have started rumbling
    Should I ignore their warning?
    Or should I wait till night is over
    Turning back now will be longer miles to cover
    For the journey of my life has just began
    So I will speed up like never before I have ran
    But how do I escape this raging storm
    Who will pull me out before I finally drown?
    So many thoughts and worries on my mind
    Will I ever live this life to say I am fine?
    I wish I knew my ill-fate in time
    I would never have come into this earth to die
    Could this be the path to my destiny?
    Or some forces are testing me
    Will I ever in this life break free?
    Or will my life finally end just like a dream
    When will tears cease from my eyes
    For gradually I am getting frozen like ice.

    The hope of living almost turned dark
    Like beautiful roses that turned black
    Growing up was something very difficult
    Though I tried to live without a fault
    Negative thoughts came to occupy my mind
    A little peace became so hard to find
    Evil forces being unleashed to attack
    Still the strength to carry on I will never lack
    Thoughts of going back home came
    But on a mission I am determined not to fail
    Before I was conceived I was brave
    Convinced that no force can send me to the grave
    Even if I should decide to go away today
    The words of my mouth will be here to stay
    I know I will be welcomed home peacefully
    But the world will not forget me so easily.

    All day we watch peace disappear from us
    All day the bridge keeps getting harder to cross
    All day we search for a new hope
    All day it becomes harder for us to cope
    Disaster boiling and the tension is so hot
    Evil wishes are made for our souls to get hurt
    We have struggled to get past yesterday
    Now we are hooked by the bitterness of today
    With negative information now our heart desire
    So many dreams are now becoming nightmare
    Whenever I look deep into our tomorrow
    All I can see is just the sorrow
    We all want to move to a greater height
    But it is so hard for us to do anything right
    Now our labor of many years
    Looks like they are becoming a big waste
    Still we are trying hard using our brain
    Look deep into our eyes and see the pain
    Though sometimes we still smile
    But deep down in our heart we cry.

    See what they have done to the sinking globe
    No more love but what seems like a dying hope
    A world with strong foundation is our only goal
    But unjust decisions make it so hard to cope

    For so long we have nursed this dream
    Hoping someday we will fight to win
    We keep reconstructing the future looking so bleak
    But oppositions are making it so difficult and big

    If I finally have my way there will again be light
    For it is the dream to see the days ahead so bright
    But the demand for my head have been the fight
    For many chose what is wrong ahead of right

    I have looked towards accomplishing my goodwill
    Hoping to see my long time dream finally fulfilled
    Looking ahead to again see those wishes they killed
    For my fate from the beginning has been sealed.

    Mysteries of life are always amazing
    But it is only history on its making
    I was born into a life so bitter
    All day I keep praying for days to get better
    Life brought me sadness and worries as present
    But peace and love is the only gift I send
    Making wishes all day for things to be well
    While they wait to ring my death like a bell
    I have searched for a little peace of mind
    But sorrows and pain was all I could find
    How joyful it was the day of my birth
    Now I am surrounded by the snares of death
    But there is one whose word I praise
    Who will see me through for the rest of my days
    Though sometimes I feel like asking why
    When I know it is not my potion to die
    For the ruler of this world has been dethroned
    Now I wait the day I will forever be enthroned.

    He will use every kind of wicked deception to fool
    Those who are on their way to destruction because
    They refuse to believe the truth that would save them.
    So God will send great deception upon them, and
    They will believe all these lies.
    Then they will be condemned for not believing the
    Truth and for enjoying the evil they do.
    2 THESSALONIANS 2, 10-12.

    It is better to be bad in a good way
    Than to be good in a bad way.

    For if this things are done when the tree is green,
    What will happen when it is dry?.
    LUKE 23,31.

    Only a fool will be involved in something destructive and wait
    To be destroyed for him to believe.
    Only a fool will be told not to follow the path that will lead to his
    Destruction but instead of listening he will want to see how he will
    Be destroyed.
    Only a fool will be told not to carry a load that is too heavy for him
    And still carry it only to start asking for help.
    Only a fool will create something that is destroying him and continue
    To create more of it.
    Only a fool intends to cover his mistake by making a bigger one
    Instead of admitting his first mistake.
    Only a fool believe his lie will see him through instead of telling the
    Truth from the beginning.
    Only a fool will destroy himself trying to bring destruction
    on others just to have his way and claim their achievements.
    Only a fool will do whatever he is asked not minding if it
    is wrong or right, good or evil for they don’t decide what to do
    Only a fool will die trying to keep his job to earn a living
    but choosing the wrong path and loose the life he is trying to
    Only a fool will bring his family face to face with dearth
    as a result of his evil deeds towards other people.
    Only a fool will loose his life instead of correcting his
    mistake and accepting he was wrong and move on.
    It is better to be kind and merciful than to be a fool who
    believes he can obtain mercy by increasing his evil activities
    in order not to be exposed of his evil deeds instead he chooses
    to die.
    Only a wicked fool will tell the people to do what he already
    know will lead to their destruction just to achieve his evil and
    selfish ambition.

    He that is wise should not allow his wisdom to make him
    a big fool.
    If you have knowledge, don’t use it for evil purposes for
    It will ruin you and many others who approve of your saying
    or act on your instruction.
    We must have understanding, always standing by the truth
    even if it will lead to our death, than to go along with lies
    just to please world for he who fails to understand all this
    will come to rest in the company of the dead.

    No mater what you do always be found on the right side
    Those who live by evil, the same evil sweeps them aside.

    I live to play a major role in the event of today
    Though it is what I feared most yesterday
    I lived with this fear even in my sleep
    Now it finally found me to grip
    In the past it brought so much cold
    But now I have seen it all like was told
    I could not get the pain off my head
    For I am always reminded of what lies ahead
    In my hands the key to the future was placed
    But destruction is here to have it replaced
    It was designed to come to pass
    So I tried to hold it back in the past
    But many already have their mind made
    For they only care about getting paid
    They have brought destruction to the world
    But soon they will travel to the world beyond
    The disaster is not just about me
    But what is expected of the future to bring
    I only became an obstacle
    So they came to get me out with their tackle
    But from the beginning I fear no fall
    For He that is me is greater than he in the world

    I have been looking through a space of time
    With the events I see more to me like a sign
    The description may decide if the future will stand
    The meaning remain so deep for me to understand
    Disgusting uncertainties displeasing to my soul
    Degrading compliments to frustrate my desired goal
    Slanderous and bitter words unto my humorous personality
    Aggrieved by fate, spiritually frustrated as a principality
    Brutalized and tortured in spirit by propaganda
    Like my destruction is the vision of the millennium agenda
    Left helpless to die like it is a worldly agreed suggestion
    Yet I live, neglected like life is lived through succession
    Helplessly I have witnessed the assassination of my image
    For justice must have grown so weary on getting to this age
    Accomplishments and purpose of life left destabilized
    Inspirations and activities of the mind still left mobilized
    Great visions and dreams of a fulfilled life being impacted
    Distractions and negativity of life finally departed
    The sacrifices of today I make for my soul to be justified
    For my wishes and all desirable seemed to have passed me by
    Pierced to the depth of my soul still I have remained proactive
    For the law that should protect my right seems to be inactive.

    Days are closing up to their end slowly
    And time is yet to reveal in us our glory
    Vision of my expected end like a painted drawing
    Deep into the picture I see my dreams drowning
    Through agonies of life I have seen this age
    Surrounded by horrific events that intends to keep me in a cage
    Twisted by circumstances through which I have fought
    Fighting through the unseen motivating all my thought
    Difficulties revealing itself like never been told
    Words from my soul remain the weapon I am left to hold
    Years of labor remain a period seemed wasted
    Accomplishments became a fruit I never tasted
    Like a spiritual force mixing with nature to stay
    Looking ahead of the journey hoping not to stray
    Determined to see tomorrow give birth at all cost
    Failure to embrace a new dawn we will all be lost
    Now destructive forces wages war to our future
    Their weapon spreading so fast like a chemical mixture
    But to live or die remain the strength of the brave
    Breaking away from the fear of death that made us slave.

    I have been smiling through my adventure
    Moving freely like an impregnable creature
    Looking forward to see the bright side of the journey
    Receiving greetings not knowing they are warning
    Pouring out blessings from the depth of my heart
    Eventually attracted rivals that made the journey hard
    This suddenly made the vision I have as my direction
    More like it is filled with nothing more but depression
    The peaceful heart I journey with got filled with dread
    Bleeding is the portion of my heart bearing so much hatred
    Subjected to a horrific situation that left me displaced
    Designed intentionally to portray me disgraced
    The events description injects so much cold
    The joy I see ahead stand so far for me to hold
    With the face of the journey looking so grim
    Beyond the event ground I see a land so green
    Trying so hard to break away from the evil bandit
    Knowing my words in letter days become gambit
    The world believe this is my final incarceration
    But fate already made it to be my culmination
    I remain glum till the day I will finally arrive
    For this is what I have today as the picture of my life.

    The little baby delivered by the past has grown so big
    Now the whole world hears the sound of his foot step
    On his path they covered up their deep pit
    But all that are his he will surely take

    He is only here to lift up the sinking world
    But they made it difficult despite all he tied
    Now the future will surely deliver his word
    For they that rose up against him finally died

    Yesterday he looked deep into the future
    And saw what has become of today
    Now to many their tomorrow is no longer sure
    For this is the day history will be made

    Today came so tomorrow can be revealed
    For events of tomorrow in no time will follow
    And what was told in the past will be fulfilled
    For the end finally brought so many sorrows.

    Coming down to this earth
    Has brought me nothing but distress
    I have tried so hard to understand
    The ways and heart of men
    But fell into their evil hand
    To see me fall is all they intend
    Bringing me down to the grave
    They think will justify all they have said
    Just another part of the devils big game
    In search of so many souls to claim
    But I am standing between life and death
    Against their evil plots and aim
    Someone had to be used among them
    Who will remain doomed till the last day
    It has been a heavy war with their agents
    For they fight to get me off the way
    But there is no walking away until the end
    For their evil wishes and spell is against them
    Though for long they freely torment
    But soon they will be left with no comment

    How eagerly they await my death
    Also the destruction that might be their end on earth
    More like their future and destiny lies within me
    For I live with the memory of what would be
    From the past i behold what they wish to unfold
    Surprisingly springing up like it is yet untold
    It has been a war manipulated from the spiritual
    Though for years they have been without visual
    Through this I remain strong trying to save the land
    Seeing a big woe given birth from the evil plan
    Eating up their lives eager to see me down I brake
    Nature enforcing its law to keep that on check
    So determined they are to see my fall
    But the end will bring about a total recall
    Out of curiosity they gave their room to the devil
    And became tools that carry out evil
    They must have been born and fed only with guts
    Now they are strong and out to dare the gods.

    SO FAST.
    So fast is this life on earth fleeing away
    Still hatred and pain we face all the way
    So slippery and dirty the land has become
    But soon wicked oppressors will all be gone
    How perfectly they planned to end their journey
    Though at first must have been taking to be funny
    So foolish to must have thought they are brave
    Shortening their days stepping close to the grave
    So disappointing it is to fall by their weapon
    Though they are all possessed by some demon
    Uncovered to the world the unknown death
    But soon it will be time to pay the debt
    This is a dive they must come out the other side
    There is no diversion so they cannot hide
    Mercy won’t be able to change their destination
    For they voluntarily honored their invitation
    They wore evil and chose to remain in the dark
    Even to life after death they are all marked.

    I am out here on my own
    Wondering when I will get back home
    I only came to render some help
    But my love they returned with hatred
    What a celebration it will be if I should die
    Still my death will not seal up their lie
    How I wish they know that I am forever
    Also ready for their forces whenever
    I may be born of a woman
    But heavens know my kind is not of human
    Bringing war to who you know is a god
    Means you are ready to be gone
    All my life I have always been so kind
    Looking down in pity on mankind
    Forever I will always stand
    To see the end of evil in the land
    For every evil thought towards me
    Surely destruction it must bring.

    I have been trying to figure out what went wrong
    For it has been so painful growing up without peace
    More like I regret why I had to be born in such a world
    For it has become so hard for my mind to be at ease

    I have been left to fix all they happily destroy
    Being nailed for what I know nothing about
    Just to take away my little happiness and joy
    Making this mission to heal the world a doubt

    For the vision is getting filled with sorrows and pain
    Which we are stepping into because we have been fooled
    Now it is hard to count our blessings and gain
    For they selfishly brought us to where we are doomed

    I prayed for better days ahead
    But today all they want is my head
    Being tailed by their evil forces
    From their lips they pour out curses
    How stupid and dull they are in heart
    For their achievement will only make life hard
    In evil they have found joy
    In that joy will they all be destroyed
    They refused to welcome the truth
    Subjecting life on earth to misery all through
    For so long they have secretly attacked
    Hoping to take me down from my back
    If only they will come out from their hiding place
    If only I will be confronted face to face
    Then events of the past
    Will be repeating itself so fast
    To ashes they will burn and return to dust
    For they were all sold out to be lost
    They are only mortal men
    But I decide how my journey on earth will end.

    We have been praying for our hope to be renewed
    So this sinking world will finally be rebuilt
    We are left recreating the vision that seems faded
    For the future we all hope to see has been invaded
    The whole event interprets a secret mission
    Wondering if this could be a worldly agreed decision
    More like what is expected of the world to become
    We wait each day hoping to see this horror be gone
    Each day takes away the little peace we have remaining
    An event bound to bring destruction upon many
    They signed their death like it is being anticipated
    They read but did not understand what they accepted
    Day after day their number is always on the rise
    And death is already standing beside as their price
    They jumped head long and now sinking deep
    I saw today from yesterday and had to weep.

    Days of evil are here
    We are now living under great torment
    But I have more than my life to defend
    My soul will never be taking away
    For I have been sinking down the great deep
    My mouth could not open up to scream
    Whenever I try to get a grip
    My hands always slip
    They all kept away by miles
    Those that always come to me with smile
    All I could get from being kind
    But I kept the faith to live in mind
    My life became a fairy tale
    That everyone is eager to know the end
    It became a very big contest
    That everyone comes around to test
    Surrounded by their evil eyes
    To be taking away from the light
    But it has been written and signed
    That I will forever shine.

    Many are assigned to accomplish a mission
    But they are under a great delusion
    So they accepted the destruction before them
    Engaging on a war not knowing the aim
    To them they only fight to please the world
    Trying to cover a mistake by making a bigger one
    Selling out lies to cover their greed
    Deceiving many into their evil deed
    Hoping all day to achieve their goal
    Knowing fully well they have traded their soul
    Many hearts got corrupted by treats and money
    Making them see an end so sweet like honey
    Forgetting the last laugh can still be the best
    For the evil they cooked they will still have to taste
    If death is the taste of their delicious meal
    Then there is no cure for them to be healed
    For so many are already gone
    And there is nothing anyone could have done
    To keep them alive till this very day
    So whatever we do today tomorrow we must surely pay

    I WOKE UP.
    I woke up walking towards achieving my dream
    But the vision all of a sudden started looking dim
    I came back from the journey so I can rest
    Never knew it was only the beginning of my test
    I am only trying to rebuild happiness and joy
    But they are determined to have them all destroyed
    Denied of the fruit of my labor and a helping hand
    Making it so difficult for me to rise and stand
    For it is them that decides who lives or die
    Out to prove to the world that God can actually lie
    As their nest target I have been assumed dead
    And the world waits to see how I will finally end
    They have right to infect people with aids by force
    The world will not escape from their evil curse
    They care nothing about the future
    For they have their gain in mind and our destruction
    Denied of the fruit of my labor and a helping hand
    Making it difficult for me to rise and stand
    Now I am wondering if again there will be love and peace
    If the evil oppression of the wicked should never cease.

    My invisible uninvited visitors
    How they hope my life will make them victors
    They are visiting with different kind of gift
    According to the gift they bring I also give
    They have come to put me to a test
    Not knowing that life is not a contest
    I have traveled ahead of time
    So I know the end will bring what is mine
    They made it look more like a fight
    While I chose to feast all day and night
    I am forever ready to entertain
    And satisfaction to the fullest is certain
    My house seems more to be disorganized
    Until I finish entertaining them nice
    I hope they are happily enjoying their stay
    For very soon there will be a price to pay.

    I have journeyed for long but only covered a mile
    Prizes awaits us at the finish line
    Heavily it has rained on me still I ride
    Being pulled down but determined in mind
    To make sure what is mine is definitely mine

    Beyond the mountains I see the light
    Now I am holding on to my faith so tight
    Looking forward to see a day so bright
    Forces all along but I am ever ready to fight
    The fire in me will see me through the night

    Now the harder they come the harder they fought
    Hoping one day I might get caught
    But have never for once gave it a thought
    That they have remained on the same spot
    While the fire is spreading getting so hot

    Their evil they designed to remain permanent
    They will be applauded for a great achievement
    So I suggest they don’t run out of patient
    For their reward comes in less than a moment
    Then there will finally be a great merriment.

    I was lost in a distant land of horror
    So difficult it was to find the right way to follow
    Struggling all through to again get a taste of home
    For a little peace at home was a great hope
    Now I am home but wishing I could just hide
    Being pulled down but holding on so tight
    They came swooping on me like a bee
    Hoping to sting a precious life out of me
    Though I saw this evening from morning
    Never knew the sign I saw was a warning
    I was only out struggling to hit my aim
    But what lies hidden on my path was pain
    They came creeping on me so fast
    Wishing for each day I slept to just be my last
    They carry a load with the content not disclosed
    Such load can get the door to the future closed
    They journey in the evil path of no return
    Tomorrow will tell if the end is going to be fun
    Happily they all embarked on a mission
    Which the end will surely bring destruction.

    It has been a war for them to end my mission
    But to live is a curse that is my portion
    Lately calamity surrounds my thoughts
    But to all who wickedly took some shots
    So suffocating is the pain still I breathe
    So deep is the wound that heavily my heart bleed
    But it is still the same me since their first missile
    While in their thousands they will fall by my side
    Though for long they have continued their noise
    But great horror it has become to hear my voice
    For when I speak now I spit fire
    And day by day the heat gets higher
    They wish my death as their most important desire
    Achieving it will forever be

  23. I watched some videos online with you educating the public on what’s going on, I want to be a part plus I’ve always had an eye on you and to find out you have a godly head on your shoulders even better of a faith friend you have in me. I’ll send a letter just not sure how this internet crap works out I’m not hip at all lol about all I got. God bless and I’ll be praying for you!!!! My name is Shavannah by the way

  24. Hello, Miss Tila,

    I read your blog about “Can You Turn a Man into a Housewife?”, and although I agreed with a lot of what you and the OP said, I had some suggestions I hope you would consider.

    First, I know it’s a joke, but referring a man a “Housewife” is pretty emasculating. If that’s what both you and your man are going for between the sheets, more power to ya, but if he’s not into any kinks like that and he knows you go around calling him the lazy housewife, that is certainly not going to fix his laziness problem. The fact that he is with a woman with a dominant role likely speaks volumes about his need for authority in his life already. That doesn’t mean he is at all happy about knowing how you talk about him behind his back.

    I joke about my bro being the stay at home mom, but he’s my bro and I can get away with that. I’m not a kid anymore so I probably wouldn’t jump right to punching somebody else in the face for saying it, but he’s totally cool with his current role in life and he’d just laugh it off…

    He’s a wonderful person, although his relative level of education compared to hers dictates that he would never come close to making a fraction of what she makes today. They are the parents of two awesome dogs and, more recently, my amazing niece who has so much potential laid out before her with awesome parents like she has. Looks…. Brains…. Fully Funded College even if she didn’t get a single scholarship, which would never happen, I’m sure.

    The house is always clean whenever I come over. He’s an excellent cook and I can’t remember ever eating the same meal anytime I’ve come over. She has some pretty heinous dietary inflammation that was complicated after the birth and he goes out of his way to make awesome meals that won’t trigger the pain but everyone else can also enjoy when they invite people over.

    He was pretty lazy as a kid and when I got straight A’s he barely passed with C’s and D’s. He knew what was really important in school, and he focused on that. He was just there to have fun and make friends. The fact that he can add 2+2 and read a paperback novel in 3 hours were just pretty awesome side effects of his 12 years spent there.

    He knows that when I make fun of him it’s only because I’m being a dick. I really admire what they’ve done. Complete Role Reversal on the Traditional way of things done right.

    I believe that this is a marriage that will last and that my Niece is going to be awesome.

    She knew who she was marrying when he took my advice and proposed with a ring with her birthstone instead of a diamond he couldn’t afford.

    I think it cost him like 300 bucks.

    They’re perfect for each other.

    I bet Miss Tila has domesitcated more than a few in her day :)

    There are definately ways to do it, but every woman has to work with what they got. Miss Tila can pretty much get away with saying anything because she is pretty close to perfection.

    For the rest of us, a more subtle approach is necessary.

    It’s actually a pretty fun game once you get good at it. :)

    Happy New Years.

  25. Dear Tila, Please don’t take offense to this but I always just thought you were another celebrity and I’ve never followed mainstream pop culture(became a part of grateful dead and transformative music festival counter culture in early high school). But recently I’ve discovered your inspirational activism and calling out the illuminati and our backwards government. I am sorry I doubted you, you are truly a source of Light and I really hope you keep releasing information and never get discouraged; but also be weary and be safe as I read someone mention on another comment. Your brain aneurysm was probably caused by HAARP and Im sure “the others” will have no hesitation to another attempt. I would really really appreciate it if you could send me some info via my email, which I typed in to send this message. If more public figures were as brave and had as big of a heart as you, our transition into a new age of Love and Light would be a lot faster and smoother. Thank you. You should look up Paul Hellyer, he is the former minister of defense for Canada and is also a whistleblower on he illuminati(along with ufos and the American government hiding a renewable energy source). I know Alex Jones canceled his interview with you but I really think Paul Hellyer is on our side(obviously Alex may not be) and mite be a good pair for an interview together. Thank you again we know how much you risk but our planet needs this before it’s too late. You truly are an Angel of God. We are all beings of Light, it’s time for us to realize that and restore peace and harmony within our species.

  26. Tila,

    Knights no longer wear shining armor nor do we ride steeds we prefer camouflage these days, may not be what women are looking for anymore but I can guarantee you protection is all about us.

    Semper Fi,

    1. Thank you for the many sacrifices you are making to protect our freedom. Always remember The Constitution and Bill of Rights supersede everything.

  27. Dear Tila,
    I read what you said about the illuminati & I am very aware of what’s happening how everything is a lie & a diversion . So they can hide what they’re really doing! I don’t know Exactly what their doing but I have a few theories… but anyways I would love to know more so please keep posting or even make a secret account! Lots of love _Batman

  28. Tila, i know i may be off topic, but i just want to apologize for bothering you in the past. the truth is, i was super star struck about you and i was oblivious about the internet. It’s all my fault. I should have known better, but i do know better than that now. Please forgive me so that we can let bygones be bygones, because I’m really sorry. Congratulations on becoming a mother. i think your daughter is adorable just like you, and i think you’re gonna be a great mother. God bless.

  29. Tila look up cathy o’brien ‘ s book, there’s a pdf. I find it pure fate that I read the 230-something page first count document last night then happened to stumble on your story. I hope for safety and blessings for you and izzy

  30. Hello Tila first i would like to say you and your daughter are very beautiful. I was never star struck or anything like that over you but i always thought u were a brave and beautiful woman putting your life on reality tv. and dont know if you have found someone but would love if u would give me a chance.

  31. Hello I know that these are probably not read, But I really wanted to say something to Tila if she reads these. I’m just going to be completely honest and I think you’ll respect that. When I first read you were pregnant online months ago, I was like oh my goodness. I have always thought you were beautiful and interesting so I have somewhat followed you over the years. I’m just gonna be blunt and say that before I don’t think a lot of people respected you. Sometimes when I would see pictures of you I would just wish that you would put some more clothes on. Because you’re so gorgeous, when you’re constantly exposing yourself both physically and personally, people lose respect for you because that’s all they see. The media will expose only The worst things about you because that’s what everyone seems to want to hear about, therefore the world gets a skewed view of you of who you are as a person. You become tits and ass instead of a beautiful woman. Actually we just end up becoming pussy, with no mind attached. You crossed my mind this morning and I realize it had been about time for you to have your little one, so I looked you up. I want to tell you from the bottom my heart that I am so proud of you. I feel like just reading your website that you are a completely different person. You seem to be a wonderful mother who put your daughter first and that is the most important thing in life. Every picture you have currently on your Instagram are the best pictures I have ever seen of you, and most are just close-ups of your face! You look so elegant and put together! It is so powerful to be a woman and just by the way we are dressed and how we look we walk into a room and command respect. You seem to have been through a lot in your life and so have I, we are both tiny, but fierce. You deserve to continue the life you have now, with or without a man, I hope that every day when you wake up you realize your self-worth, when you look at your daughter and never go back to the old days. She will be what you are. And now I think you are someone that will be a great role model for her. Your body is a temple, your temple, and now you’re wonderful reflection of that for your daughter. your daughter is gorgeous in as all the motivation you’ll ever need for the rest of your life. Once again I know I’m rambling but I just honestly want to tell you how proud I am of you. Please please please keep up the good work. I believe the core of who you are as a person is represented by how you care for your children. I think you no showing the world who you really are. From one woman who knows hardship and pain to another Who knows it just as well, I wish you all the happiness, contentment, Love and success in your life that you and your daughter desserve! Show everybody that us wild bitches turn around to make the best mothers because we are passionate whenever we do. All my love baby girl-keep up the wonderful work. -Beth

  32. How are you doing my lovely angel? I have not been able to reach you lately so I contacted Ashley Alexiss concerning some important issues, to make sure everything remain as I told you to do, if she have contacted you like I asked her to do, then you can work it out together by assisting you, thanks and do take good care of yourself.

  33. I recently posted a picture on your wall of a drawing I did of you for my Senior Art class. I would appreciate it if anyone would go like or comment! Thanks

  34. Just wanted to send an invite out to join me and some friends at the Drake concert on May 24th. (at the Toyota Center).

    We have a group of 5 coming…and we have a 6th ticket… Lucky you! I mean who else could offer you such an amazing opportunity to see Drake perform from the general public seats. :-p

  35. I was having a “whatever happened to” moment and decided to check out this site. After reading a lot of these comments I must say that there are a lot of mentally ill people who come to this website. A lot of you need to get professional psychiatric help!

  36. Hello tila. I’m Matthew..I’ recently read about your recent brain epidemic…I’m sorry and hope you heal fast…I read a post from where it says you did some exposing…it for some reason made me interested in trying to communicate with you…I too believe I am a light worker…and am aware that we have a whole army of angels that are supposed to help each other wake up…I would love to learn more of the evil forces and their bloodlines. Also would love to talk about conspiracies with you …I don’t know if you will ever see this but I will pray that you do…I know you are a busy women but God makes a way for his work…please try and communicate back some how..I would really like to gain more light..

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