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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Your gonna be a great mother ! I’m 16 and I had a baby girl. She’s 1 already. And I’m gonna have a little boy coming along too.

  2. Hi

    I was reading your article on the it was interesting about the Illuminati
    where can I read more about them, send me a link or a blog please

    kind regards

  3. I’ve been researching several topics about the elite/Shadow government that I’ve found very interesting lately. I was hoping you could give me some insight on some of these topics. For example I’ve been reading into Larry Silverstein the owner of the WTC, I find it very interesting that he ate breakfast at the WTC everyday but on 9/11 he supposably had a dermatologist apt. Also his daughter who worked at the tower wasn’t there that day, he made a remark on a bbd documentary that made it sound like he admitted to building 7 being a controlled demolition. Also the fact that he took out insurance on the building and made somewhere like 5 billion dollars. Just from the interviews I’ve seen with him something doesn’t sit right with me he blinks way to much. Another topic that I find interesting is the history of the Rothschild. I was reading that there family is Jewish converts from 700AD and before that they spoke Yiddish not Hebrew. Also how Nathan Mayer Rothschild knew of napoleons defeat before anyone else and made money telling other investors that Napoleon had won. That’s just some of what I’ve been reading on.I know you have been researching topics of this nature for some time and would appreciate it if you could either tell me some of what you know about these topics or send me in a direction of places I could go to read more. Just food for thought (: Thanks

  4. Tila, ive been researching many things about your youtube channel discussions, im asking you to please stop, im worried about you. take a look at whats going on, Heath Ledger, brittnany murphy, Robin WILLIAMS, Paul Walker, singer Alyia, a lot of us already are aware of many situations that occur, still many are blind, but your just putting yourself in danger and your soon to be a mother. The Ebola thing, ive check into this and found that there is a cure for this get that out, its nano silver, not colloidal silver, this is a cure for cancer and many more so called incurable diseases. there is so much more that I know and your already probally are aware of, just get it out and let it go, becareful please we need more people like you to lead against what ive always known for years, they tried to run you over, there are many ways they will try again, like food you eat, make sure your aware of who is preparing it, watch being set up ( jail)…many in the industry have been, I don’t want too see you on the news, more people that you need to reach out to is the people in the industry, once you have the numbers then speak out together, that’s what I would do, your worried friend, my email is up there you can use it. thank you for your time and be safe.

  5. Hello Tila I’ve been reading your blogs for a long time now. And I feel like ever since I started to have a different mind set and it’s kinda weird to say but I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot more things that I shouldn’t… even with certain lights following while I’m driving around at 11pm-3 am in the morning I find myself talking to myself or maybe someone in my head but got me thinking what if there was dark angels and light angels… annd I truly believe you.and hope one day I will meet you. I hope you the best and nothing but help from god.

  6. I’ve always thought you were smarter than anyone let on. So I’m asking for help. I don’t want to be a bad party girl anymore. I just want to be normal with normal friends. But it’s so freaking hard. How do u get away from those things? How do you make friends that aren’t going to want to make you that fun crazy party girl again? So much bad has happened I can’t take much more. Not sure why. I try to be good but all the things happen that make being bad and heartless easier. I’ve always looked up to you so now I’m reaching out. I have so many secrets that I just can’t share with anyone else. I feel so alone and just want someone I know will understand how people can get in my head and make me think I’m better all drugged up. Please help???

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