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  1. Your gonna be a great mother ! I’m 16 and I had a baby girl. She’s 1 already. And I’m gonna have a little boy coming along too.

    1. your 16??? and have two kids… smh….. the youth these days… were doomed……. 16 with 2 kids and no highschool diploma….. smh smh smh

  2. Hi

    I was reading your article on the it was interesting about the Illuminati
    where can I read more about them, send me a link or a blog please

    kind regards

  3. I’ve been researching several topics about the elite/Shadow government that I’ve found very interesting lately. I was hoping you could give me some insight on some of these topics. For example I’ve been reading into Larry Silverstein the owner of the WTC, I find it very interesting that he ate breakfast at the WTC everyday but on 9/11 he supposably had a dermatologist apt. Also his daughter who worked at the tower wasn’t there that day, he made a remark on a bbd documentary that made it sound like he admitted to building 7 being a controlled demolition. Also the fact that he took out insurance on the building and made somewhere like 5 billion dollars. Just from the interviews I’ve seen with him something doesn’t sit right with me he blinks way to much. Another topic that I find interesting is the history of the Rothschild. I was reading that there family is Jewish converts from 700AD and before that they spoke Yiddish not Hebrew. Also how Nathan Mayer Rothschild knew of napoleons defeat before anyone else and made money telling other investors that Napoleon had won. That’s just some of what I’ve been reading on.I know you have been researching topics of this nature for some time and would appreciate it if you could either tell me some of what you know about these topics or send me in a direction of places I could go to read more. Just food for thought (: Thanks

  4. Tila, ive been researching many things about your youtube channel discussions, im asking you to please stop, im worried about you. take a look at whats going on, Heath Ledger, brittnany murphy, Robin WILLIAMS, Paul Walker, singer Alyia, a lot of us already are aware of many situations that occur, still many are blind, but your just putting yourself in danger and your soon to be a mother. The Ebola thing, ive check into this and found that there is a cure for this get that out, its nano silver, not colloidal silver, this is a cure for cancer and many more so called incurable diseases. there is so much more that I know and your already probally are aware of, just get it out and let it go, becareful please we need more people like you to lead against what ive always known for years, they tried to run you over, there are many ways they will try again, like food you eat, make sure your aware of who is preparing it, watch being set up ( jail)…many in the industry have been, I don’t want too see you on the news, more people that you need to reach out to is the people in the industry, once you have the numbers then speak out together, that’s what I would do, your worried friend, my email is up there you can use it. thank you for your time and be safe.

  5. Hello Tila I’ve been reading your blogs for a long time now. And I feel like ever since I started to have a different mind set and it’s kinda weird to say but I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot more things that I shouldn’t… even with certain lights following while I’m driving around at 11pm-3 am in the morning I find myself talking to myself or maybe someone in my head but got me thinking what if there was dark angels and light angels… annd I truly believe you.and hope one day I will meet you. I hope you the best and nothing but help from god.

  6. I’ve always thought you were smarter than anyone let on. So I’m asking for help. I don’t want to be a bad party girl anymore. I just want to be normal with normal friends. But it’s so freaking hard. How do u get away from those things? How do you make friends that aren’t going to want to make you that fun crazy party girl again? So much bad has happened I can’t take much more. Not sure why. I try to be good but all the things happen that make being bad and heartless easier. I’ve always looked up to you so now I’m reaching out. I have so many secrets that I just can’t share with anyone else. I feel so alone and just want someone I know will understand how people can get in my head and make me think I’m better all drugged up. Please help???

  7. I was reading about the thomas man being a killer and I was wanting more info because I seen on part one he is from Carrollton Georgia and that is where I live like 5 mins from hwy 5 can you please email about it thank you and god bless

  8. I have many many doubts about all sites such as this as they can be easily created an made very believable. I may be wrong but ow well let’s hope it’s not an hears my say. I’v knows about the NWO, illuminati, masons an the reptilians for a few years now and it’s driven a lot of people out of my social circle (no harm done) but since the birth of my daughter it’s just increased my desire to know more an hopefully have the ability to protect the things I love the most. I don’t seek attention with this comment I only seek to reach out to you tila and say thanks for the posts you have shared to the world and I seriously hope that you have opened many, many more people’s eyes to what really is going on all around us day by day. Sadly I have only been able to reach out to a few people but still I’m proud to have empowered others like you have also. We are soldiers of the earth and side by side we shall stand in the protection of everything we love. again to you tila and to everyone who takes the time to read this with understanding I thanks you my brothers and sisters. Lots of love G D. Proud Daddy :)

  9. So i dont know if this is a legit website of yours or an assistant, or even a crazy fan! I mean seems legit if your offering live video chat.. Anyways if this is legit i was wondering more about your knowlege towards the illuminati?? Ive searched the web and its just filled with a bunch of ppl talking about split personalities you have an what not. I dont believe anything the media has to put out publicly. Personally i think its a crock of shit what they do to you all. I would never want to be famous, especailly with children! I am so sorry you have to live everyday of your life being judged by someone who has only read about you. Anyways i would like to just have a little more knowlege on the illuminati then what i have already. Btw love the cute belly! Makes me miss mine soo much!! I have two little munchkins! Enjoy labor it really shows you how much strength a woman truelly has! I reccommend the epideral i had it with my first it was a breeze. My second was all natural which was horrible intense pain! But worth it :)

  10. Tila came across your you tube videos very interesting. I wouldn’t say I’m a conspiracy theorist but I take nothing at face value ,and question everything,from 9/11,bigfoot(I don’t why but I find the whole bigfoot thing is interesting),ufos,aliens,illuminati and so on. For the people that call you crazy and everything else they may say. Don’t pay them no mind. I respect all that you are doing by bringing things to light.Keep up the good work.please excuse my terrible run on sentences and punctuation not a writer lol just a blue collar fella. I knew of you but didn’t really follow you not a Twitter or a facebook fan. But I’m definitly a fan of yours now. Congrats on little tila didn’t even know you were pregnant till I started reading bout you. I don’t believe any of the negative things said bout you. Hope to hear back from you sometime,I know your busy. Tila just be safe and congrats again I’m sure you will be a good mom. Take care beautiful.

  11. Plz!! Say something about the illuminati! The people in control must speak out! It’s scary beause you have a child now! But you need to spread the word! Spread the strength and courage to fight back and know the truth!!!

  12. hi Tila I want to know more about you and the issue or problem you have with the illuminati and I’m just asking and I’m not a member of the illuminati.

  13. interested in the truth about free masons, Illuminati and your wonderful light. My daughter sent me a link today and well now I’m here. Wish you the best for your fight for truth and your family.

  14. I need to know more about it! THEY! I also want to know why jay z wants the so called “throne” him and Lil Wayne rap about…. And his holy grail magna carts album. Is it true you are all battling against them or are some on THEY’RE side against us…. Please tell all that you can but please protect yourself and that baby. Xo

  15. I saw a link on Facebook of a blog you are writing exposing the illuminati and I wondered how I’d be able to keep up to date?

    Many thanks


  16. Id love for you to tell me more about “certain things” if you know what I mean bc you seem like the only real one of hollywood and I think it would benefit me more to know about these things so please get back to me please im not a bad person

  17. I know you’ll probably never read this tila but I’ve always felt curious about this world and how things work. Lately, since I’ve been getting older a lot of unexplainable things have been happening to me almost like I’m receiving information into my thoughts of things I’ve never learned. I would like to personally talk to you but I have no idea how to reach you. I hope anyone that see’s this that has had similar things happen to them to contact me. I am a helper soul who needs to be reminded where I come from and what I came here to do.

    1. I have been experiencing the same thing! Actually it started when i was four years old i was laying in bed and i suddenly new how to multiply certain numbers. I remember telling my mom answers to math problems that i couldnt possibly know answers to she was kinda freaked. Then my aunt was babysitting me at her house she had a poster of the lead singer of pearl jam on her wall i was two yrs old an could not talk, i walked up to the poster she was next to me an i pointed an said eddie vedder, then took off running. Weird huh. Freaked her out to. Then when i was about three four yrs i wud do stuff like say something specific or get in trouble an when i was asked y i said/done what i did i wud tell whoever was watching me at the time that the voices in my head told me to do it lol, i have experienced some bizarre stuff in my life now its my reflexes, just over night they became ridiculously fast where everyone jokes around n calls me a jedi haha. So what types of things have u had going on? Sry this is long its just a subject that im soo super interested in now that im older

  18. Hi miss tips. You look great for just having a baby. 16 year’s ago I did to LOL. My son was born at a whopping 12lbs 11oz 24.3 inches long. I know what it’s like to raise a child on your own. My son’s father died when I was 6 month’s pregnant. To be a woman and single. I think? Is really hard nowa a days not to mention frown apon. My son also happens to be half Chinese. I love how opened minded you are. Just be careful of who you post to or chat with. There are a lot of piers out there… A loving Mother!!

  19. Hi my name is Jessica am 21 and just know getting into photography recently I have been asked to pose nude…its a big step but you are a great inspiration and thank you for that…

  20. Hey Tila, i was wondering r u single? I watch your tv show on MTV. if i was their i would treat u like a real princess. Here my number if u want to talk to me. It is (336)-592-7454. I live in Roxboro NC. Yes i would love to meet u and your little girl.

    1. Hey girl,
      what r u doing? Well i got your address where live at. Maybe u and your baby can come and meet me. I love horses back riding. Here my address to. my. house 386 Gabriel Jones rd, Roxboro NC, 27574. Txt me a message to my phone and i will answer. Thanks Jessica

  21. Tilaaaa, what’s hangin’? You’re hella fun and make my Facebook newsfeed interesting. Or at least when you were active. You’re busy being a parent now! That’s great! You go be a good mother!

    Love, David.

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