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101 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I recently posted a picture on your wall of a drawing I did of you for my Senior Art class. I would appreciate it if anyone would go like or comment! Thanks

  2. Just wanted to send an invite out to join me and some friends at the Drake concert on May 24th. (at the Toyota Center).

    We have a group of 5 coming…and we have a 6th ticket… Lucky you! I mean who else could offer you such an amazing opportunity to see Drake perform from the general public seats. :-p

  3. I was having a “whatever happened to” moment and decided to check out this site. After reading a lot of these comments I must say that there are a lot of mentally ill people who come to this website. A lot of you need to get professional psychiatric help!

  4. Hello tila. I’m Matthew..I’ recently read about your recent brain epidemic…I’m sorry and hope you heal fast…I read a post from where it says you did some exposing…it for some reason made me interested in trying to communicate with you…I too believe I am a light worker…and am aware that we have a whole army of angels that are supposed to help each other wake up…I would love to learn more of the evil forces and their bloodlines. Also would love to talk about conspiracies with you …I don’t know if you will ever see this but I will pray that you do…I know you are a busy women but God makes a way for his work…please try and communicate back some how..I would really like to gain more light..

  5. Hi mama Tila, I believe you really got it running, there is something else I want to see accoplished, some years back I wanted someone to get the book published in hard copies in the US, but I think it was not met since I did not get to hear anything further concerning the book. I want you to accomplish that now and even go further to do the same in other countries, and also in the countries they needs translations too, work with your team on that, those that are with you in other countries, then discuss what you get with them and let it as agree it should be. Thanks.

  6. Hi T, have you checked out the Obudu Ranch Nigeria, you might like to do some of your videos there.

  7. Hi T, I hope you know the book I talk of, same one on this site, posted 15 dec 2014, I just run over it now, that is the one I want you to publish on hard copies, take good care, and love to little Issy.

  8. Hi mama T, I will be meeting with the presidents daughter Zahra Buhari soon, she will take care of whatever is there to fix, and also arrange for your coming to Nigeria, then we will really talk about everyother thing that should be taking care of, and also meet with the people you have been working with if need be, take good care of and Izzy, love you both.

  9. Hi mama T, how are you doing and little princess Izzy? I believe you are taking good of business, I looking forward to a meeting soon though, hopefully we can get everything thing moving on smoothly. Take good care of yourself dear, love.

  10. Tilababy
    You should open your Instagram direct more often. I’d give anything to hear from your sexy, goddess self. You are perffff bae and I fucking love you.

  11. Hey tila, I’m sorta one of your fans ish well I think your gorgeous and all but I do have a question with sharing your beautiful ness out. Anyways why don’t you use something like my free web cam. it is free, money making I think and you can do whatever ish plus I’m pretty sure you’ll get tons of followers up there

  12. Hi mama T, I believe all is well with you and Izzy, I hope you are taking care of all I want you to take care of? I am trying to work out how we will get to meet soon, take good care of you and little princess Izzy.

  13. Hey tila I’m a huge fan , I think you are really beautiful I try to add u on snapchat and hope u can add me back :p love u love

  14. Hey, I have done bodyguard work for some talent before so I know that this probably won’t reach you but i was wondering if your hitting up Australia any time soon? Melbourne is pretty fun and there’s plenty of nice clubs and some secret cocktail bars hidden around. Just let us me know if you are heading over, It would be cool to meet you

    I hope all is well and I hope bubba is is giggling away.

    P.s. Fuck the haters, love the life!

  15. Hey Tila,
    whats up?

    Hi i’m Max i’m 22 years young 😉
    First. Sorry for my english im from Germany
    When r u again in Germany ?
    Lets chill together
    You r sympathetic what i see so!
    It would ne like a little dream for me come true

    Love Max

  16. Hiiii there Tila!! How have you been doing??? :-)

    My name is Wasil Sami Khan all the way from Pakistan!!

    Would you like to chat and make a new friend all the way from Pakistan??!!! :-)

    Also your very hottttt as well!!! So would love to speak to you as well!!!! Hehehehehe…….. 😀

  17. Hi Tila, don’t mean this to sound really weird and crazy but I’ve been really obsessed has in really like you since I first started watching A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila just wishing I was one of them lucky girls everyday, and when Brandi turned you down she must be absolutely out of her mind because I would have chose you over anything in the world :) I’ll Carry on checking this page just wish I’d be able to talk to privately :) x

  18. Tila you are beyond gorgeous and I just wanted to say to keep doing you and forget any haters they are just jealous. You are the definition of beautiful like god damnnnnnnn girl you fine I’d love for you to reply back to me it would make my life

  19. I must say, I visit your website, and I find you intriguing Tila… I love your name, and find you very Beautiful. Hi Pretty.

  20. Hey tila I’m just wondering do you have skype if you do I would like to get you skype name and maybe we could talk on skype

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