Here is my mailing address if you would like to send me fan mail: 

  1. Tila Nguyen
  2. 3418 Hwy 6 South, Suite B #341
  3. Houston, TX 77082 
  1. BOOKING INFO Management:  Gina Rodriguez at: 

132 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Gina Rodriguez, maybe you should drop your client before your name goes down in history too as a loser.

    1. Wow there are some people who hate so much. They even hate free speech.
      Tila, you are a breath of fresh air. Please don’t bow down to the haters pressure. You have nothing to apologise for. xxx

    2. I think the world needs more people with Tila’s courage. Thank you Tila. You are rocking their false little boat and they are worried. xxx

  2. Nick you twat, What Tila did was unacceptable and she has offended everyone and Big Brother did the right thing by removing her from the house and she should never even be allowed on social media websites anymore.

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