Dear Diary: Nursery decoration ideas for my baby girl

Dear Diary,

Now that we all know I am having a baby girl I have been looking around a lot to get some ideas to start decorating her nursery.  Since I will be spending most of my time in there breastfeeding and spending time with her I want to make sure that the nursery is not too cluttered.  I can't stand a cluttered house more or less a cluttered bedroom!  I want it to be nice and airy!  Lots of lights and sunshine coming through her windows and lots of space for her to breathe! 😀

I recently decorated my own bedroom with white and light pink soft colors theme and it ended up turning out so beautiful that I have decided to go with similar colors for my little girl's bedroom also!  Not to mention I sleep like a princess here so peacefully and I just love the way the soft lighting hits the bed every morning and makes of the rest of the room glow with happiness!  Here's a little snapshot of my own room right now.  I don't really care much for my own room because everything is about my little princess ninja doll right now and I'm so excited to get started on buying all of the paint needed today!  I'm going to paint her bedroom light pink and white.  Mostly very soft colors somewhat similar to the colors I have here.  My bed feels like cotton candy when you sleep on it and the lush pillows and comforters just wrap around your body like a heavenly cloud!  I love staying in bed!  My bed is the most snuggly and comfortable place to sleep ever!  As you can clearly see why! lol  It also always smells like a garden full of gardenias in here.  My favorite! 😀

pink bedroom


Now as for my baby's room, here are a few ideas that I have found that are most similar to what I had in mind.  I found them on the internet so after I get done with buying all of the paint I need for my baby girl's nursery today I will get started on buying everything else soon after!  Such as her baby crib, changing table, chair recliner, soft bedroom lights, beautiful white snuggly rug, extra designs for the wall, and much, much more!  This is going to be so exciting! When she grows up and sees how much effort her mommy has put into spoiling her with all of the love I have in the world, she's going to know how much her Mommy loves her!  She is my life!  I can't wait to see her smiling face at me when I walk in there every morning to look at my little angel.  Or every night when I have to go in there every few hours just to breast feed her because yes, I do plan on breastfeeding.  Ahhhh! The excitement of motherhood!  I can't wait until I finish decorating her entire nursery!  I'm getting started on it today, but don't worry I'll be sure to take it easy on myself so I won't stress myself out too much or do anything too strenuous on my body.  Either way I'm a tough little mama.  I can handle it. hehehe.... Well, I'm off to the store now to pick up the paint supplies and get started!  I'll update you all on the progress that I'm making as time passes.  Hopefully, everything will turn out beautifully!  😀 😀 😀  My personal style has always been very simple, classy, and clean!  All of my previous homes have been decorated this way so I don't see why I shouldn't go all out for my very own little ninja princess?  Of course Mommy is going to spoil her to tidbits!  Yay!  To be continued.....






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10 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Nursery decoration ideas for my baby girl

  1. awww Tila, it sounds so beautiful! Good luck with the decorating. I too am pregnant I am 24 and i am 15 weeks with my first baby and scared to death. Is their any tips you can give me on how your pregnancy has gone so far? I would really appreciate it.

    Love you beautiful lady!

  2. :DDD How exciting! I bet you will be able to feel the love just walking into the room so awesome. I think its wonderful that you are going to breast feed. The room seems happy and cheerful. The cozy chair and foot ottoman seem welcoming and good for quality bonding time!<3 I LOVe the Fuzzy carpet and the curtains with the little bows. Sighh and that Chandler!! I've Always LOVEd Those!! AWWW YAYyy!!<33 Have Fun!! :DDD

    1. I was thinking… what about the light pink and an accent color sponged onto one wall? It Looks good adds some texture and is simple yet fun to apply. It was just a thought I wanted to share. What about glitter on the celling mixed into the paint like the starry night sky. Hmmm… I’m excited to see how this turns out!

  3. These are all gorgeous, I love the last one the white crib &+ The fuzzy rug so gorgeous <3 I am SO HAPPY for You &+ Little Princess <3.

  4. which one do you like? I like the first one with the gold on the wall. they’re all beautiful though.

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