Exclusive: Tila Tequila Announces She’s Having a Baby Girl!

Surprise!!!!!  So it looks like I'm having myself a precious little baby girl!  Oh my GOD! 🙂  For a long time I thought I wanted a baby boy, but that's because most of my family members wanted me to have a boy.  However, deep, deep down inside of my heart I knew that I wanted a baby girl!  I wanted a little mini-me so that when she grows up I could do everything with her and be able to talk to her about anything!  My very own little mini-me!!!!  🙂

Since I will be raising her alone I think it's just perfect that I'm having a girl for my first child instead of a boy because this way it will probably be easier on me.  I could tell her about Mommy's entire life and why it's so important to not make the same mistakes I made.  I want my baby girl to grow up a very strong, and independent woman just like I am, and you know what?  I know that she will!  My daughter will grow up to be a leader and stand up for all of the people who cannot stand up for themselves.  My daughter will be beautiful just like her mama, but at the same time I will raise her to be a humble and loving person who will respect herself and others.  I know I'm going to be a fantastic Mother to my little Warrior Princess Baby Girl because she will see how much crap that her mommy has been through in life and that alone will give her so much character and strength just through me alone!   She will definitely not be a pushover!  She's going to be a smart and feisty little one.... with freckles of course! hehehehe 🙂


Oh my goodness!  Such a huge pretty in pink belly you have there, Mommy!!!  Perfect for your baby girl! <3  21 weeks here and growing!

Each day that passes I get more and more excited about having my own little warrior princess come into this world and fill it with more joy!  On top of that I'm sure she will also have Mommy's freckles, strong personality, put up with nobody's crap in life, have a huge loving heart and be compassionate to others, and ohhhhh the possibilities are endless!  I already KNOW that my little girl will be exactly like her Mama but an even better version of me because I will make sure she knows NOT to make the same mistakes I did while growing up and I know she will listen.  She will respect me because I have life experience to back up everything I tell her and I just cannot wait to shower her with my love every single day for the rest of her life!  Plus, she's going to be a SCORPIO BABY JUST LIKE HER MAMA!! OHHHH WATCH OUT WORLD!!! WE HAVE ANOTHER FIESTY LITTLE ONE COMING INTO THIS WORLD!! BE PREPARED !!! LOL 😀 😀 😀

Ohhhhhh Baby Tila..... do you know that you're already a future heart breaker to come??? Oh boy!  Please don't give Mommy too much headache ok???  For now... let's just hope you stay Mommy's little Princess for as long as possible!!  I LOVE YOU SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH BABY GIRL!!  SO MUCH THAT YOU ARE MAKING ME CRY RIGHT NOW!!  YOU WILL BE MY BEST FRIEND, MY ANGEL, MY WORLD, MY EVERYTHING!  I CANNOT WAIT TO HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS AND SPOIL YOU WITH ALL  THE LOVE THAT YOU COULD EVER DREAM OF!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE GOING TO BE MY SPOILED LITTLE PRINCESS!!!  And from the looks of mommy's humongus belly.... you are going to be a BIG, TALL, HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, spoiled princess!!! hehehe

Oh and I have already named my little girl.  It's the perfect name for her as well as the meaning behind it!  But of course that will be kept a secret for the time being.  I can't believe a mini-Tila is actually making her way into this world soon!  Next up?  Going crazy decorating her baby nursery and buying her cute little princess clothing!  #SoBlessed #ThankYouGod #HappyMommy #BabyGirl #MyPrincess 



MOMMY aka Baby Tila's Mom lol

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Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

52 thoughts on “Exclusive: Tila Tequila Announces She’s Having a Baby Girl!

  1. Omg yay congrats u have such an adorable bump I’m expecting a little girl too I can’t wait to see what beautiful name u have picked out!!!!

  2. Congratulations!! I am also a single mom to a beautiful little girl. You will have a blast dressing her up. Having tea parties. You’ll love it.

  3. Hey Tila, im so happy for you and so excited that you having a baby girl. I know she will grow up to be as intelligent and as beautiful as you 🙂 . Im so happy that we get to see her grow up through all the internet sites 🙂 i know you will teach her well and be responsible.
    – Sincerely a 12 year old 🙂 Congrats Tila!!

  4. Aww congrats on you little baby girl. Thats so awsome. I had a dream you were havong a girl just the other night. Amazing coincidence. Baby mama Tila and her mini Tila. ☺ much love to ya amd God Bless

  5. How exciting!!!!! I get you and feel like you so much! Since even before I was pregnant I always knew I would have a baby girl, but family and friends almost convinced me that it would be a boy, until I recently found out I am having a baby girl. I feel so blessed just as you do and reading your words touched me so much that I almost started crying. Much much love for you and your little princess!! I too need to get my nursery prepared and ready with beautiful baby girl things and colors! OXOXOXO

  6. Hi Tila! You tricked me with the pictures of you shopping for baby boy’s clothes haha! I wish you and the baby girl lots of joy and happiness! And I can’t wait for the next update!
    xoxo Lina

  7. Awww! She is going to be every bit as sweet and beautiful as her mama. Y’all are going to have so much fun together and she is going to learn so much from you.She knows she is blessed to have you as a mama thats why she love kicking you so much.She’s having a good time in your belly lol 😛 Congratulaions again Tila, so happy for you and your little heavenly Angel.

  8. Congratulations! You’re gonna be a great mother! I’ve been a fan of you for years now & i’m so excited that you’re gonna have a beautiful baby girl. 🙂 I wish you a healthy and enjoyable rest of your pregnancy!!!!

  9. Congrats! I’m a single mother raising my daughter by myself too. You will enjoy it. It’s going to be the best feelings in the world having a little mini me. I know you will be a great mom tila God bless

  10. It truly warms my heart to know that you are having a baby girl, she will be the most precious thing you will ever set eyes on the bond between a mother and daughter is one that is unbroken, may you treasure each and every single moment from the time you lay your eyes on her until the time she grows up and one day heads out into the world herself, I have had the experience of having the pleasure of raising such that daughter myself, she is strong, kind good hearted passionate, and beautiful. My hopes for you is that your beautiful daughter will see the world with such love and passion that she will grow with all the wonderful guidance you will provide to her into a beautiful person just like her mother, congrats Tila, your life is about to change forever, embrace every single moment….my best always welcome to the mommy club dear one….and take good care of yourself wishing you the best always……big hugs….xoxoxoxoxo

  11. You are going to love having a baby girl. I have one of my own for my first child and every day I feel blessed. Its hard at first but you can get through it. All the hard work makes it worth while. Much luck and ignore the haters. You are going to have one gorgeous baby girl. ♡

  12. Congratulations Tila! She will be beautifil little princes, I think! Take care of you! Big hugs and kisses from Poland! Xoxo

  13. Tila you’re already such a wonderful mommy even though she’s not here yet :)) I can’t wait to see her!! You’ve changed a lot 🙂 I’m glad that you’re happier now. Congrats!!

  14. aww! tila <3 u dont know how much i adore you, only because of your writings and the way u talk youre such a lovely person! omgggg im so happy for you, and im so curious about baby tilas name:D

  15. Tila you are going to be such an awesome mother to your adorable little princess. Congradulations on this wonderful time in your life. I find you to be such an amazing lady, nuturing and loving:)

  16. Aww congrats miss Tila so happy for you. Glad to know there will be another Tila out there in the world. I recently found out I was pregnant too and hoping to get a little girl as well so I have one of each. I just wanted to say thank you as well for the strength you show it actually helped me out a lot in my life as well. Congrats on your little girl. Its nice to see a woman be happy and show such strength throughout the duration of her pregnancy

  17. Awe congratulations! I’m so happy your having a girl! I kinda had a feeling you was. Girls are so fun. My daughter was born 5 days after my birthday so it was really cool. She almost 7 months already. They grow up so fast. So cherish every moment you have with her.

  18. Awwww thanks everyone! That really means a lot to me and if you guys notice a lot of comments are missing it’s not because I deleted them… I was just switching over my server so it accidentally wiped out a lot of comments. Just wanted you guys to know so that you don’t think I was ignoring or deleting you! 😀 😀 😀 <3

    1. Hey tila would you like to go on a date with me or do something together I am looking to be with someone

  19. Looks like my comment got wiped out. Tila! Welcome back. Remember me? The old Catholic lady. heheheh! Congradulations on the pregnancy and wow, a little girl. My first was a girl. They are so much fun. It is amazing the memories that come back to you when you were a child as you care for your kid in those ages. I’m glad to see that your pregnancy has made you glow and you seem quite calm and content. Yay!

  20. YAY!!! Congratulations to you hun! I am sure you have the most beautiful name picked out. Keep your head high and your love even higher. <3

  21. Congratulations ! they say pretty woman get a lot of girls. i’m very curious what it will look like. I never thought you wanted children you looked like the party girl but in time all that change i see now…i’m really happy for you loved tv show a shot of love really miss it !

  22. Awww congratulations! You will be a kick ass mom, I wish the best for you and your precious baby girl.

  23. Tila you are going to make such a great mama! You are such a strong, beautiful, women. She is going to be just like you! I’m so happy for you lady!

  24. TILA your are my idol for one. Going from being a party girl to healthy mom to be. You are doing great. You will be a wonderful mama! I am so happy for you lady. You will be great. We are all excited for you. CONGRATULATIONS!

  25. Aww Tila!! I am so happy for you, reading that made me smile!!
    I have a mini me too, she is FOUR now!! I tell ya, time goes by soooo fast!!!!

    Love you girl!!
    xoxo Jess

  26. Congrats tila!!!! Girls are always easy to raise when you know what you’re doing!! And Scorpios are THE BEST!! I’m a Scorpio also!!! (:

  27. Tila, I have been a fan of yours for a few years and I have to say, I am so happy for you. I really think you’re gonna make a GREAT mother. Anyone can see how much you already love your baby girl. I want nothing but happiness for you and her. Congrats, Tila! You truly deserve all the happiness in the world! 🙂

  28. Tila! You are so beautiful I was wondering if you could give me any tips? I am almost 15 weeks pregnant with my first child! Also when are you due?:) I’m having a Christmas baby!:)

  29. She picked a real winner for the baby’s daddy. A wannabe musician with three other kids. Oh well, the more drama the better right Ms. Nguyen? Too bad it’s going to be the expense of your child’s health.

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