Featured Mother of the Week: I Almost Died Giving Birth to Twins

My name is Annilexia Mae Nguyen (Thuy Thien).  I was 18 for the first couple of months of pregnancy, 19 for most of my pregnancy and delivery.  I spent the majority of 2012 hospitalized.  I started in February where I had to stay in strict bed rest because my twins wanted to come out too early.  They still managed to escape early in April, and then my body began to fail.  Possibly from shock from giving vaginal birth.  It was one severe problem after another!  I almost died several times.  I lost 3/4ths of my blood twice, which required blood transfusions to keep me alive.  I was passed around the local hospitals intensive care units.  Many of the doctors didn't think I was going to make it.  People I knew, even Facebook friends, were all praying and panicking.  But all I could think about was my need to be with my newborn daughters (I had to miss their first few months because of this), their "father" was already out of their lives voluntarily- they shouldn't need to lose me as well.  Luckily, I survived.

I still have ongoing health issues  at the moment with 10 + medical appointments a month with multiple specialists, and will need a series of serious major reconstructive surgeries soon!  The first which will be for 3-4 days in a Miami hospital hours away, and I'm not sure how long the recovery period for me to have "inconveniences" for simple/daily care for myself alone.  But I have been able to walk recently without help, leaning off of walls, objects, and a walker.  I try not to show how fragile I was/am because I don't want people to pity me.  The twins (who also have some health issues of their own) still need blood transfusions for their Hemoglobin E Beta Thalissimia are doing so much better as well.  I stared at death's face inches away from mine, and now I realize that I shouldn't let anyone waste my time in our delicate lives, if they don't prove themselves to be worthwhile!  I am now 21 and turning 22 this year in 2014 and my daughters are now 2 years old.  

Mother of the week

Mother of the Week

mother of the week

Mother of the Week




Your story has truly touched my heart!  After reading this and seeing you and your beautiful little girls it made me cry!  You have seriously gone through so much and without the deadbeat father around to help while you're literally dying there!  I just have no words with just how much you inspire me and have touched my heart with your story.  There are so many of us single moms out there struggling, but nothing even close compared to what you have been through and you still managed to make it out alive. Not only that, but you deserve the title for "Mother of the Year!"  Since all you did was think and worry about your baby girls while you were in the hospital facing death.  That is a TRULY a Mother's love that only a mother and her children would ever understand that bond.  Speaking of children, your little girls will grow up to love and adore you so much for what you have had to endure for them!  You will be their guiding light and their hero!  Who needs a shit head deadbeat "father" around when you have looked death in the face while giving birth to not one, but TWO beautiful angels all by yourself and STILL managing to fight hard to be there for your babies!  That is so much courage, strength and truly, truly an inspirational story!  You are so young, but have already proven yourself to be a better mother than a lot of those other so called "mothers" out there who are twice your age!  Your children are absolutely GORGEOUS just like their Mother and I will be sending out all of my love and prayers for you and your babies health to get better soon!  I hope that everyone else will do the same.  Not out of pity, but because you are an inspiration to us all!  Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with us and I'm sure that it has already helped to inspire thousands more single mothers out there all thanks to you!!!  May God Bless You and Your entire family!!!!!!!


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Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

7 thoughts on “Featured Mother of the Week: I Almost Died Giving Birth to Twins

  1. I LOLed at the line “a mother’s love”

    Oh really? Then why is it that women in America are NINE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO MURDER THEIR OWN CHILDREN than the biological father? Because of “mother’s love”, right.

    You women are so fucking full of shit, it isn’t even funny. I feel sorry for your children.

    1. Im sorry nobody loved you enough when you were a baby and got sent away to a foster home and was still never loved by anyone. That’s why you lack something called human compassion and talking about murdering children in a post about someone who has struggled and almost died for hers. May God forgive you for your sins and I’m sorry that you were never loved as a child for you turn out so vile of a human.

    2. Not all women are psychopaths. I have two beautiful daughters of my own. And even though I’m still with their father, neither of us would ever do anything to harm our children. Just because you are getting your information and “facts” based of ratios on the Internet or wherever you may have gotten this, doesn’t mean that all women are crazy. Don’t be ignorant because you just look like a fool and an asshole.

  2. They are such beautiful little girls 🙂 I know how scary that is my mother had twins and they were premature too, my sister Sarah had to be in the nicu forever and they didn’t think she’d pull through, now they’re 13 year old gorgeous young women, keep up the amazing strength!

  3. I cryed reading your story. It touched my heart. Now that’s what you call a mother. Being a mother is one of the best jobs there are and people just piss on it like its nothing. If it wasn’t for us mothers are children wouldn’t be here today. Your a strong girl. Just keep fighting you and your girls will make it through this. God has plans for you. God bless you all.

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