Why Do Girls Always prefer douchebags over the nice guys?

Hey Tila,

My name is Adam and I'm 23 years old.  Lately I've been having some issues with women and it's really starting to get to me.  I'm a nice guy, with a good job, and I actually have respect for women because I'm a mama's boy.  But for some reason every girl who I've dated ends up dumping me for some asshole that would never treat her half as good as I can!  I just don't understand if I'm doing something wrong.  I always open the car doors for the ladies, I always offer to pay when we go out to dinner, I'm always there when she needs me.  I think I'm a pretty great catch, but I always get dumped and my heart-broken for some douche!  I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here.  Is it true that girls only like to date bad boys?  Or is there something I'm doing wrong?  I'd appreciate some advice from someone who actually has experience in this area.  Anything would be appreciated.  Thanks Tila!


Hi Adam,

You sound like a very sweet, and nice guy, and I truly hate to say this, but in most cases nice guys do tend to end up last.  That's not always the case though so there is still hope, but first let me try to explain why this logic is so persistent amongst the complex female species.  Women are mostly hopeless romantics.  We daydream all day and all night about finding our perfect knight and shining armor!  We want someone who will understand our needs and cater to our emotions. We want to be showered with love and affection.  We want to feel like we are the center of your world and get married and live happily ever after!  That is what every girl dreams of, but the reality of it all is that it's just that.  Our dreams.

In real life, although us girls dream of meeting this perfect prince charming, a lot of times the reason why most women tend to date the bad boys over the nice guys is not because we just like assholes.  It's more about the subconscious behavior of a challenge.  We all love a good challenge and I don't necessarily mean to play childish games with each other all of the time, but with the bad boys they don't give these girls as much as attention as they want.  So it drives them crazy!  Every woman basically wants to find a bad boy and attempt to change him into a husband material.  That's why those situations tend to never work out in most cases because women still have yet to learn that you cannot try to change a man but either love him for it or enhance what he already has to make him better than what he was.  It's all a psychological thing.

The reason why nice guys end up last is not because we don't appreciate and love the fact that you are all such gentlemen and will give us anything we want or desire.  It's just that with women, we are such complex creatures that if it is not earned and you freely give your love away like that to a girl who doesn't yet deserve it... she will subconsciously see that as weak and look at you as some type of pushover.  A woman subconsciously wants a man who will dominate her.  A woman wants a man who she can feel safe with.  Her TRUE knight and shining armor.  So sometimes some of the bad boys will give off that type of vibe, but since they are based on shallow reasons those relationships always end up in turmoil and heartbreak.

What a relationship needs for it to work out is balance!  For the guy he shouldn't immediately just give into everything a girl wants right away and be at her beckoning call at every moment.  Women will see that as too easy just as guys can see girls as too easy when they give up the goods right away for a one night stand.  So it works both ways.  I'm not saying you need to start treating girls like shit and be an asshole to them because that will never work out in the long run, but it's just that sometimes the "bad boy" types emanate more confidence and that is KEY in attracting ANYONE!  Looks matter less believe it or not in attracting a person, whereas showing that you have confidence is a very, very attractive quality!  Sometimes having too much confidence is what makes a guy seem like an asshole but that's why girls tend to gravitate towards those types of bad boys.  Not necessarily because she knows he's going to treat her like shit, but because she sees that he is confident, busy, and isn't going to make her his number one priority just yet.  So this will make women do whatever they can, maybe even to the point of obsession, to get this so-called "bad boy" to reform and turn into her very own "good boy."  That is a feat that everyone woman fantasizes about conquering.

After she is able to get her "bad boy" to turn "good boyfriend"  that's when all of the lovely dovey sweet stuff will matter the most.  That's when every gesture will make all the difference in the world and have special meaning behind it because she knows that her man would never do this for anyone else but her.  However, for a guy who is so willing and ready to give a girl he barely knows all of his attention and time... it just shows the girl that you are desperate, easy, and that your love wasn't earned but was easily given away, and nobody wants to be with someone who they are not proud of.  Women LOVE to know that we are dating a MAN!  Not a little boy who is still afraid of his own penis.  So remember that it's not about being a total asshole to get the girls attention, but to have some balance.  Give her some attention but make sure she knows that she's also not in your top priorities right at the moment.  This will make her blow up your text messages all day long wondering what you're doing or what you're up to or who you're with.  it'll drive her crazy!  But remember to keep it cool and every once in a while show her something sweet.  As long as she's earned it and proven to you that she's worthy of your time and love!  Good luck! - Miss Tila




Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

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  1. I woruld love to have a nice guy! I’ve ended up pregnant with a guy who doesn’t care about our baby… But not so nice that he opens the door for me, I don’t like when people help me ._.

    1. You actually just proved what Tila was getting out.

      (also, you evidently still want the bad boy and don’t even realize it)

      1. Actually, not wanting a guy to do things for you makes you independent -it doesn’t imply that you’re looking for an unhealthy relationship…

    2. The solution, Adam, is to become an alpha male bad boy. Start reading the website Return of Kings and you’ll learn how to be an alpha and how to pick up women.

      1. Right, because being an alpha male isn’t oppressive. A women is obviously meant to be dominated by the stronger ‘alpha-sex’. We’re just silly girls, please tell us what to do…

        1. Being a strong, confident man does not oppress Anyone. I don’t like the term Alpha male because of the negative connotations involved but it is 100% true that women like the kind of man Tila is talking about. As much as you may hate the fact that many women enjoy being dominated (again, like Tila said) it doesn’t make it false.

        2. Being an alpha male is not oppressive, it’s liberating. Women sure do seem to enjoy being dominated by the stronger alpha males which is why they date them and leave nice guys in the dust.

        3. No one said being an alpha male isn’t oppressive.

          The problem, though, is that woman like to be oppressed. No one wanted it to be this way. No guy that acts “alpha” wants girls to like it. The guys just act like whatever girls like. If they want guys to act nice, they should start dating nice guys.

          Problem is, though, that they like assholes. So guys that want to get laid act like assholes.

          tl;dr: if you want feminism to work, women need to sort out their shit and understand their own desires.

        1. Elliot Rodger thinks he’s entitled to sex on the virtue of whoever he is.

          He is the exact opposite of a person trying to become alpha and benefit themselves, in order to actually become more attractive to women instead of complaining about their lack of desire.

    3. Well good luck finding a nice guy now that you’re a single mom… even nice guys have standards.

  2. I’ve been single for quite some time and it sucks what’s the best way to start getting females? I’m very respectful to the ladies but it seems like I’m the one getting fucked over in the end. What do I need to do

    1. Find a girl you have interest in, have convos with her and once, just once, drop a subtle yet recognizable compliment about her and leave it at that. Appeal to her and make her chase you.

      1. That is the stupidest fucking advice I have ever heard. Sfl, you must be a woman because only a woman would give such RETARDED advice.

        DO NOT COMPLIMENT WOMEN EVER! DO NOT VALIDATE THEM! If you do that, it puts you into the category of nice guy boring beta male.

        NEG HER. Neg means to insult her slightly, to pull her off her pedestal. Don’t overdo it though. LEARN GAME. Read the website Return of Kings.

        1. WARNING: I’m a women so my response may be retarded (thanks Radha, I’ve never considered that my opinion may have a mental disability).

          SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: being respectful to one another is silly and it is pertinent (for Radha: that means important) that we lose this respect when we deem it necessary to find a mate because the best way to get a girlfriend is to assist in depriving a person of their dignity.

          1. All your little sarcasm aside, your advice was fucking retarded and in fact does not work, otherwise this article would not even exist in the first place.

          2. Dear Fembits. What Radha meant was the PLAYFUL neg. Mildly teasing the girl like she is your best friend’s little sister. I’ve had threesomes chasing them around the room snapping a towel at a their butts while they giggle like japanese schoolgirls. Then when you get down to business you can literally see the girlcum drip out of em.

            It’s the exact opposite of being the niceguy simp. HAVE FUN WITH IT >=)

            TEASE THEM. TOUCH THEM. TELL THEM. Only you can prevent vagina fires. Squirters FTW!

    2. Excuse me, WOMEN are not to be got. Despite what you may have heard, dating or finding a mate is not at all like fishing, where you basically are setting a trap to catch something/someone. Women are human beings, and are not obtained. I agree with Tila that if men are automatically “nice” to a girl it is a turn-off. To me, it feels like a trap. But when someone treats me with respect as a human being, regardless of my gender, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will become attracted to that person, but respect and friendship are an important foundation of a good romantic relationship.

      1. FALSE.

        Men have to pursue women, for better or for worse. Women ARE to “be got.” Women basically just have to sit there and do nothing. If men are not proactive, and “get” women, basically nothing will happen.

        Therefore whatever it takes, including “fishing” is what has to be done. All the bullshit about being a “nice guy” will result in being ignored by (most) women.

        Always so easy for women to sit there and rationalize things since they’re not the ones who have to do the heavy lifting.

        1. Truth. I was in another forum a couple of nights ago and a woman said to a male poster that it was rather sad that he doesn’t value nonsexual relationships with women.


          Because some of those platonic women would help the guy attract women.

          As if women have to do much of anything to attract thirsty men. At least nothing worth advising a guy over.

      2. Absolutely, Eleanor. American women are not to be obtained. You said it first. Only in the USA and thereabouts does such social idiocy exist. My passport is ready.

      3. Same pack of lies women have been selling to men my entire life and probably before that. Women WANT to be noticed and pursued, sexually. Respect and friendship are not what turns you on. Maybe after the initial pursuit and the relationship has become sexual/romantic these are what you want, but they don’t EXCITE and TITILLATE you into desiring us physically the way we desire you.

      4. You say women aren’t to be “got”, and as a woman, you probably think that’s true. Because the way a woman finds a man is by sitting around looking pretty. But, from a man’s point of view, woman are certainly to be “GOT”.

        Getting a woman is like hunting. You need skills and weapons. If you go out there and your only weapon is “respect”, it’s like going hunting with your hands. You’re either not gonna kill anything or you’re gonna get killed (you’re not gonna find a woman or women are going to destroy your self-esteem). When a man comes up to you and you’re attracted to him, you may genuinely think he’s just being respectful, but believe me, he has a bunch of tricks and lines he’s running on you that he’s been perfecting since he was a child and confidence that has probably been crushed hundreds of times. I know we make it look easy, but it’s not as simple as being respectful.

      5. You say women aren’t to be “got”, and as a woman, you probably think that’s true. Because the way a woman finds a man is by sitting around looking pretty. But, from a man’s point of view, woman are certainly to be “GOT”.

        Getting a woman is like hunting. You need skills and weapons. If you go out there and your only weapon is “respect”, it’s like going hunting with your hands. You’re either not gonna kill anything or you’re gonna get killed (you’re not gonna find a woman or women are going to destroy your self-esteem). When a man comes up to you and you’re attracted to him, you may genuinely think he’s just being respectful, but believe me, he has a bunch of tricks and lines he’s running on you that he’s been perfecting since he was a child and confidence that has probably been crushed hundreds of times. I know we make it look easy, but it’s not as simple as being respectful.

  3. Tila is right. I can tell you – as a woman – that I don’t like so much attention.
    I want attention… BUT if I’m getting too much (espacially without any reason) I always get the feeling that he is clingy and/or desperate.
    Most of the time I don’t even want my boyfriend to open/close doors for me, because this is too much attention. I can really do this by myself, I’m not a baby!
    If I’m carrying bags or sth when we went shopping it’s ok for me, maybe if we are on a marriage too but that’s enough.

  4. The contact form of your website is broken, and gives back 404 error. You might want to fix that 🙂

  5. Awesome explanation.Nice guys always finish last,be a cool guy instead and express yourself.Bad Boys are kingz

  6. I like nice guys. As the girl get older, they will want someone nice that open doors for them and just being an old fashion gentleman. Young girls tend to be attracted to bad boys cuz they’re charming, fun and exciting. They always the one to make the move to take you out to somewhere special and fun. They can read girl like a book, that’s why the girl are drawn to them. Plus, they look hot. But as the girl dated all the bad boys out there, she realized they are just a waste of times. It will make her appreciate the nice guys and to truly love him once she knows what she want and don’t want in a guy. So, just be the nice guy that you are and never changed that. One day, the right girl will come knocking on your door cuz you are rare if you can be a gentleman and treat a girl good. But don’t go finding a party hot girl that wants to be out and about all the time and expects her to be tide up. She’s out all the time, so she’ll have chances to meet someone new everyday. If you’re a nice guy, find yourself a nice girl. Don’t go and find a party girl and expects not to hurt you. Same for girls too. Good girl can’t expect to date a bad boy and not get hurt. So, it is all up to you to make a wise decisions on who you want to waste your energy, resources and time on. You keep picking the same sour grape, you will end up with the same results. Try date different type of girl. Good luck!

    1. “as girls get older”

      Translation: As SLUTS get older, they are unable to attract the hot alpha male guys and then women hit the wall at age 30, get fat and ugly, and thus have no choice but to settle for a nice guy beta male provider. DON’T BE THAT GUY! Do NOT be a CHUMP and end up as a financial provider to some used up slut who only wants you because she is too old to attract the same alpha male cocks that she fucked 100s of times before.

      1. Radha, you are very right. But some of us women are virgins, young and want nice guys. But we often get overlooked as we are loners, into reading books, and not into parties. I don’t date jerks and have no intention on doing it. ALL my male friends are nice, quality males. I’m sorry you have experienced pain from women in your life, you must be from USA. Hope you find a good woman for yourself

        1. Translation: NAWALT (Not all women are like that). Really? Cause I’ve been all over America and the women are ALL rotten. It’s simply a matter of TO WHAT DEGREE are you American women rotten.

          Now, I’ve also been to many Asian countries, and the women there are awesome. Even an average 5 or 6 Asian woman blows even a 9 or 10 American woman out of the water. Let’s face it, you American women just can’t compete with foreign women and it pisses you off to no degree to see so many American men become HAPPY by dating and marrying foreign women, while you American women can’t find a husband. The latest PEW Research Center poll taken shows that 75 percent of younger men in America are not interested very strongly in marriage. So good luck finding a beta husband. Hint: You won’t.

          I hope you enjoy growing old alone with your 10 cats.

          1. Dear Radha,please read my comment again as I actually agree with you and i’m not an american woman but eastern european. I don’t why what wrong did i do to you that you attack me like that.

            1. Radha may be an aspie, but he means well, otherwise.

              Ontheway, there are women like you in the States as well. The problem is that they don’t do much besides work all day then go home and try online dating then become bitter over the barrage of penis pictures they get and they hide for life.

              Here in the USA, it is actually deemed “creepy” to go out by yourself in public places. I’m not sure what genius thought this way, but it is the truth. How did this happen?

          2. Yea Radha, she’s agreeing with you lol. I agree as well, foreign women are way more open-minded and out of their tiny bubbles the American women are stuck in. But it’s obvious you have hatred and bitterness towards American women lol whereas me and a lot of guys have no issue attracting these women. Hint: Stop trying to be a PUA and you’ll do better.

          3. Have you been to South Africa, because many women are not like that, I went with the bad guy only a few times out of all those I dated and well I learnt. Most were nice guys, obviously you have been to all the wrong places. Sorry for your painful experiences

        2. “I’m a virgin nice girl who gets overlooked.”

          “My male friends are nice, quality males.”

          So why are you single?

    2. As a girl gets older, her attractiveness decreases and her chance of getting any man declines. If you want a nice guy, don’t waste your young, attractive years wasting time with bad boys. The onus is entirely on women, so don’t go trying to blame the guy by saying he’s chasing “the wrong type of girl”.

  7. Dear Adam,

    Lemme add to what Tila just said …
    Women are stupid. What they don’t realize about all this “bad boy” bullshit, is that men like us are hopeless romantics also, and what they think is love just given-away, is in fact what she claims they’re looking for the entire time. In other words, what women don’t realize, is that the man thats theirs, and will do everything for them, etc. as a result of a love thats earned – with us is indeed “a love thats earned”, because it’s a love that can be taken away as well. You and I, are men blessed with already having what these women have to teach other men who don’t, and therefore we offer it rather readily, because we’ve already decided who it is we want. Its up to us who receives our unconditional-love, the same way its up to them who gets the pussy … As such, the next time a girl treats you like a push-over, or gives the impression that she thinks you’re weak – LEAVE HER ASS – so she realizes what’s she’s had all along. Girls looooove to do the dumping.
    Again, it’s the power-thing, the “weakness” thing. Hot girls think they’re the shit, because nobody ever dumps them.
    So dump ‘er! 😀
    Fuck it! 😀
    Theres 100,000 other hot girls out there; she ain’t the only one, and if she were a better person?

    Well then, she wouldn’t have to make somebody appear inadequate, to feel confident about herself 😉

    Good Luck!

    – A fellow nice guy

    1. You are seriously far from being a nice guy. You make sweeping generalizations about women, place extreme importance on their appearance alone, and basically spout PUA nonsense. You’re exactly the kind of abusive jerkwad Tila wants, so… good for you I guess? O.o

      1. PUA? LOL. Has PUA really become that big that everyone knows about it now?

        Seriously, GAME WORKS. Go to Return of Kings and read the articles there. Learn how to be an alpha and stop being a beta male nice guy loser.

        Funny how women SAY they hate PUA and yet they sleep with PUAs much more than the “nice guys”. Once again, NEVER listen to what a woman says. It’s all one massive shit test with American bitches.

        1. Man you really hate women. I feel sorry for you and all those other PUA RSD whatever losers. Your bitterness towards women is why you fail, it has nothing to do with how American women are. You’re just a beta.

      2. You know it’s funny how women always dump on PUA, yet it’s the PUAs that they fuck. lol

  8. You’re amazing miss Tila. Beautiful and smart. Have you ever thought about write a book maybe? I’d definitly buy that. Your advices, explaintations really make sense.

  9. What i think Tila is trying to say is Adam you are being to much of a friend or good neighbor type. You are friend zoning yourself after you are in the relationship so much she wants to be with another man. Also you are chasing after independent women it sounds like so doing something that you think is sweet such as holding the door open (which is ok for a few dates) may make her feel lazy or helpless and independent women dont want that. She wants to feel strong but if ever she doesnt feel strong you have to be her protector. Another thing is woman tend to go for bad boys because they like to fix stuff for an example a lot of woman play match maker with their friends. Which is FIXING her friends up. It kinda feels like maybe you are trying to be too perfect or perfect in general also and bad boys have fawls (which the women tend to want to fix). My advice would be to be yourself fawls and all. You can not be with a woman without showing your fawls because perfection is a lie and if she likes you still with your fawls than you are with the woman youre supposed to be with. Dont worry Adam i have faith in nice guys before any bad boys. I am with a nice guy so i know you will find your girl. However, know it will not happen over night.

  10. Another option is to just avoid American women and only date foreign women. Non-American women are a LOT more mentally stable and less fucked up than American bitches. American women are the worst wives and mothers, which is why more men are now going for foreign women.

    1. Again, your hatred towards women shows. You judge all american women whereas I’ve slept with and dated many hot, cool, mentally stable american women. So it’s really your bitterness and hatred towards women why you’re failing. Yes, foreign women are awesome too but you really need to chill out and seek forgiveness for your bitter heart.

      1. How’s being one of Tila’s beta male orbiters working out for you, Jeff? Has she slept with you yet?

        You… are… pathetic.

    2. I agree. I’m engaged to a Filipina and it’s such a wonderful, refreshing experience. I started dating Asian nationals 2 years ago and I have never looked back.

  11. Julia, what kind of filthy whore are you? You’ve now brought NEW LIFE into this world WITHOUT a loving family atmosphere. Do you realize that your bastard child is going to grow up to become a criminal? 80 percent of inmates in prison in America grew up in single mother households.

  12. In other words, treat women like crap and they will love you. Treat women nicely and they will hate you for it.

  13. Dear Radha,please read my comment again as I actually agree with you and i’m not an american woman but eastern european. I don’t why what wrong did i do to you that you attack me like that.

    1. I don’t read random idiot’s comments on the internet. I don’t need to pollute my consciousness with such crap. And the majority of people on this site are retarded idiots, manginas and femnazis and so on.

      1. You are extremely rude as and you don’t even have no basis to call me an idiot or feminazi.I can see why women in your country would want nothing to do with you, because even if a person agrees with you, you still attack them. You are definitely not part of the solution but a part of problem. Look at yourself and this is coming from a non american who is anything but a feminist.I’m done with you.

        1. Don’t listen to him. He is just angry at women for being unsuccessful with them. You were nothing but polite and kind. Pay no attention to him.

      2. Hahahaha ‘femnazis’… Yeah because this is comparable to the Holocaust :/

  14. I thnik all of this just shows how dysfunctional a lot of American women are….and Tila’s solution is for the nice guy to lower his moral integrity and become a bad boy in order to impress women. Huh? If we’re trying to make this world a better place, why don’t we change it the other way – women should be re-prioritizing their values and going for good men instead of rewarding bad men for their terrible behavior.

    If you are a good man, then stay that way, you’re making the world a better place to live in. If you are a woman and you are rewarding bad men by having sex with them, well then congratulations, you’re making this world a worse place to live in.

    It’s the woman’s fault and SHE should be the one changing, not the guy.

    1. We do learn, by the way. I don’t think any guy should change for a girl, if he is going to change it should be for himself.

    2. Exactly.

      Other cultures have not forgotten this ancient wisdom. Stay a good man, but date women from traditional countries, not Ameriskanks.

    3. Being a “bad boy” has nothing to do with moral integrity. It doesn’t mean you go around starting fights and slapping bitches, it means you’re not weak and don’t supplicate. The phrase “bad boy” is womanspeak. Understand that men and women speak differently. When a man says “bad boy”, we’re saying the guy that talks nice to a woman, gets her to fall in love, gets her pregnant, cheats, then abandons her and the child. When a woman says “bad boy”, she’s saying the guy that dresses cool and has a cool haircut, is confident, is in shape, and doesn’t take shit from anyone.

      Have you ever had a woman lightly hit your arm and say “You’re such an asshole!” She’s not saying you’re a bad person, she’s saying “I like how you’re confident and put yourself first and don’t care what anyone, including me, thinks of you.” You don’t have to be a bad person to be the bad boy, just be more confident, give less of a fuck, and don’t take shit from people.

  15. Yeah, it’s the woman’s fault for being stupid. And bullshit, looks matter so much.

    Bad boys = hot guy. You can’t be a bad boy if you’re average or ugly looking. What’s funny is that a lot of bad boys are posers with their motorcycles, tats, and tough attitude. Many of them live at home with their mommies and play video games. But women are stupid and fall for con artists and posers all the time…and not the nice guy who works hard and is real.

    Most of you girls here (you’re not women yet, you’re still too emotionally immature) will eventually settle for a nice guy cause he’ll be the only one left around when your looks decay from age. That cool bad boy guy will be some loser in his 40’s still living with his parents that you’ll occasionally have sex with on the side. Congrats!

    I’ve been to China and I got to say, the women out there care way more about what a guy has to offer besides how tall he is or how much money he makes or how hot he is. Asian women seem more to be value driven and care about the quality of a man rather than his looks. Asian women are reared better, and are better people. Asian women would make way better wife material than American women.

  16. So girls are just stupid is the conclusion.. Wtf… Well what to do then ? Grow up! EVOLVE!

  17. Ironic thing is that often when girls turn their bad boy boyfriends into good boys, they will lose attraction to them and dump them.

    1. Any man that allows himself to be controlled by a woman is a massive beta male. It’s all a huge shit test with women, especially American women. At least when Islam takes over, we’ll be able to put these bitches in their places (back in the kitchen and in the bedroom). ALLAHU ACKBAR!

      1. That’s sick by the way. No human should control another. Men should not have control over women and vice versa.

  18. I have ended up with a nice guy, a lot of us do learn. He was a friend to me first (as I was dating at the time) but he never gave up the chance to try be with me and now today we are planning our wedding. Don’t give up hope guys the right woman will learn that it is better to be with someone who treats you right

    1. Translation: You hit the wall at age 30, got fat and ugly, and the alphas didn’t want you anymore so you settled for some nice guy beta male who you are already sexually bored of and contemplating cheating on him.

      You will end up cheating on him and then divorcing his retarded beta ass. It’s his fault for being stupid enough to marry a slut like you.

      1. Actually, first off I’m 22, and had a few alphas as you say interested however I was not.

        I never settled I have a very desirable man, who chased me for 2 years, and waited until I was single and available. No I am not fat, nor ugly, nor have i, do I or even intend to sleep around. We both consider ourselves fortunate to have eachother and cannot wait to say our wedding vows

        1. That’s great then, but you have to understand that today men who diligently pursue women (at least in the USA) are:

          1. Called “stalkers” and “creepy”
          2. Ridiculed, laughed at by the women they are sincerely trying to win over
          3. Taken advantage of: the woman they’re pursuing has no objections to taking his time, gifts, attention, and more, all while denying him an opportunity for a relationship

          This of course may not be all women, but frequently is a FACT as to what happens. I speak from personal experience when I was younger.

          Therefore, the best course of action in modern times is NOT chase after a woman. It is an exercise in humiliation and weakens a man.

          Forget her, as women are replaceable. I learned the hard way.

  19. Well said. One of the most realistic points of view regarding nice guys that I have ever come across. If only more men could see this

  20. A nice guy is ugly repulsive faced guy makes all the pussy run dry.

    A bad boy or an alpha is handsome that makes a pussy wet. And all girls, he’s gonna get.

    Moral of the story. Handsome alphas gets to have sex all women when they are young and beautiful. As they age “they learn” the alphas don’t want their old wrinkley ass. So the beta ugly male who’s been in the friendzone for years who is patiently waiting for her to be done from her alpha cock carouseling, gets to marry the old used up vagina.

    1. Does this anger you? Doesn’t it make sense? If you’re not happy being ugly and in the friendzone, make yourself attractive and start getting women. Your face isn’t holding you back that damn much, I have friends that look like they have asses on their heads, but they still get women. If you’re handsome, it’s a big plus,but confidence, knowing how to dress well, speaking well, body language, and knowing what to say and how to say it works just as well. Just cuz you got the game on hard mode doesn’t mean you can’t win it.

  21. I agree with Tia basicly. But if women actually follow this tactic of “reform the bad boy” all they end up doing is reinforcing their behavior. Hey , if you reward bad behavior ,you get more bad behavior. On the other end, they are killing off all those who are working towards becoming the person they truely want because they fail to reinforce their efforts. In short, by following their perverse mentality they are defeating their goal and as you said before, the relationship ends in turmoil and termination.
    Is there a way to waken up women of their counter productive behavior?

  22. This is an interesting article, although it has that sense of a women who are trying to push away from what they are really atracted to. Let me say something that I think will shed some light on this situation. Ive went through my series of girls and while I was never a pushover I still think that being in the state that you proclaim (deuschy but being nice at the same time – BALANCE) will not work.

    3 levels you talk about are… being a nice guy, ,,,, being a deushebag … being nice to a girl while having desuchbag qualities and not putting her first so that she is a challenge to you bla bla while really being nice.

    Let me tell you htat I have experienced and been all 3 of these guys and have had intereactions with many women. I will be honest in the fact that what I have seen personaally, from friends. and from women in my experineces.

    If you are the nice guy (even if you arent’ a pushover but truly just like the girl) . ;This doesnt mean you give your goods away to EVERY girl but just maybe one or two that you like and wanna be with. THEY WILL STILL NOT BE INTO THIS PERIOD. If you are any form of a genteleman and just want a relationship with this girl in particular and are nice to them you will not get this girl in your dreams.

    If you are a deuschbag. You will get a shit ton of reactions from chicks, you may get alot of negative reactions from girls that have something to prove, but ALL GIRLS RESPOND TO ASSHOLE BEHAVIOR. They DONT WANT TO CHANGE YOU. They want you to remain an asshole and will want you to be like this forever. the minute you change and she has you she will probably leave you. WHY ON EARTH WOULD A WOMAN LOVE SOMEONE WHO CHANGES FOR THEM. THINK ABOUT THIS. Girls will lay you and give you the attention you want for this.

    The BALANCED GUY. Now imagine that this is even possible. If for any chance you aren’t a pushover and have a badass vibe to yourself and even a guy who may have boinked his share of girls. The girl may be attracted to you and be you may very well be the guy of her dreams!. Just like this article said …. her dreams. TO A WOMAN THE BALANCED GUY IS JUST A NICE GUY IN A TIGERS CLOTHING. Im not saying it cant happne but a woman is still going to be attracted to the guy above. Any sense that the guy has some sort of weakness to her she will not be attracted to that shit. She may be with you for a bit but if a girl knows who you really are on the inside and knows that you adore and love her she will still always be attracted to a deusche or your asshole qualities.

  23. It’s all about looks, you retarded fucking cunts and PUAs(LOL).


    broad shoulders
    heavy jaw

    Got it? Ok.

    Personality is a SCAM. Handsome guys get pussy at the drop of a hat. They don’t even have to talk. Their hormonal profile shows they’re healthy = ideal offspring.

    Now that’s the red-pill, you fucking spastics.

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