Help! I need some sex tips on how to ride my boyfriend


Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

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  1. Tila! Great tips for her :) I like read your advice. And congrats for your babygirl! Greatings from Poland! Big hugs and kisses xoxox

    1. Awww thank you!!! There is actually so much more advice I could have given her but since this is still her first time I had to take it easy until she can graduate to level 2 and 3 and beyond! I guess she’ll just have to write me again when she’s ready for more tips! lol :D :D :D

      1. Well l wanted ask that theres this boy that l like he told me he likes me back but l dont believe him how do l know if he telling me the truth

      2. What is the matter with you? You went to her site just to say that? That’s an awful lot of effort. You must have no life.

      3. I would love to know what more advice you would’ve given her I’m still just doing the same things your telling her lol

      4. I love the advice you gave her! That’s great I should takes some tips from you. .. I’ve been with my man for almost 5 yrs now.. our son is 9 months old & my fiance & myself no longer sleep in the same room… I’m afraid to say we have lost our spark.. & it’s time to light the flame back up. Anytime he wants to be intimate is when he wants me to go down & I’m in need of love too….
        Any advice of how to keep our sex life going?

      5. Im actually thankful for this advice even though it wasn’t for still came in handy thank you!

      6. Tila I’m trying to ask you advice on something but your contact section isn’t working.

    2. I would literally give that excerpt, word for word, to my daughter and feel like I had informed her and protected her at the same time. That’s some real shit. People just need to be more open. If people were just open and honest about something as simple as sex, everybody would have better sex and be happy. Truth is the answer.

  2. I’m a plus size 25 year old. I recently became single and I’m skeptical about having sex with a new guy. Me being on top makes me feel ugly. My ex said he loved it but I still felt the same way when we were together. Do you have any tips for plus size women? I’ll try anything.

    1. Hey! My name is Sam too, and I’m a plus sized 19 year old . I usually wear a tank top or something like that – we found this really nice ‘shop’ that sells of lingerie and I picked up a silk lacey tank and I usually wear that . My man understands and he’s completly supportive of that . Just remember that you each have curves, hair in odd places, skin folds or dimples or whatever, don’t be ashamed !

    2. im a plus size too i just want to let you know not to be shy when guys are turn up they dont even look at u like that they just want to have sex and thats all feel confidence about your self close your eyes and let your body do the rest guys loves self confidence womans and more if you take control over it and do the work! have fun

  3. hey tila!
    ive been with my husband for 4 years we got married last year and discovered his watching porn! i barely had a baby in june and of course i feel huge still i lost already about 30lbs but i still feel insecure with my body i got mad at him and dont want him to touch me or have sex with me i feel like i cant give him what he sees in the videos theres beautiful women and have amazing bodies and i dont have that
    i dont know if im over exagerating or its normal he says he sees it to learn more and not to keep it boring but i dont know if his using that as an excuse? what can you advice me?

    1. Maybe Try Watching It With Him As Your Getting Into The Moment, It Will Turn Him On And Chances Are After That He Won’t Watch It Without You

    2. It is completely normal for men to look up porns to excite himself or in fact learn from watching and be creative. Got nothing to worry about as long he’s not seeing another women. I DO EXACT SAME THING.

    3. You may be insecure about your body but thats not how he sees you at all!! The fact that you have been pushing him away is actually drawing him more to porn. You need to see that you’re his sexy mama! You gave him a child and thats very sexy to a man. Ive also had problems with baby weight but he tells me that I’m sexy and he can’t keep his hands off of me sometimes

    4. Hello… that happend to me w my first husband, and i got so mad that we stopped having sex for a month.. we divorced for t lack of confidence and routine.. now. Remarried and talk to my husband about sex.. we watch porn together, we do thing different once in a while .. been together 4 yrs and have t best sex ever.. just talk to ur partner and enjoy it.. maybe dont watch it every day but at least once a while will keep ur man happy. Good luck.

    5. girl dont be mad at your man just because i caugh him watching porn open your self to him ask him why is he watching porn maybe he wants you to be more open with him and do new things sit with him watch a porn movie and have fun dont let that fire go away!

    1. Hey Miss Tila. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to ride my boyfriend. I’ve done it a few times, but It doesn’t seem that he really likes it that much. Maybe you could give me tips Like level 2-3 or higher. And by the way your baby is so beautiful just like her mother((:

  4. Hey tila! My name is Hannah, I have 2 children and I’m 22 years old. I think it’s just beautiful how excited you are about your baby girl!! I just wanted to say, congratulations!! You’re going to make a fabulous mommy

  5. Hey Tila! Congrats on your babygirl! I will be 22weeks tomorrow and I’m also having a little girl, I am a big fan of yours, always have been, you’re so beautiful and I’m so proud of you for straightening you’re life up for your babygirl and love the advice you gave ^^ anyways Congrats girl!

  6. Thank you miss.Tila! I will deff let you know how it goes ! I’ve always been a big fan!much love<3

  7. Be confident when ur on top is all I have to say and a understanding partner is always niceakes u feel better

  8. I can totally understand the writer’s questions and concerns. 5yrs ago, I lost my virginity to my now husband and I was completely lost. My guy was patient and helped me find my sexual rhythm. Today, its a completely fun time to come up with creative ideas

  9. I’m amazed of everything you advised to this
    Every detail counts and makes more sinces
    Again always protect yourself and your partner
    Great job Tila

  10. I feel like u wavered on the part of wearing a condom if your on birth control. Lets not under estimate the amount of stds therw are out there and how easy it is to have them passes around!

  11. Tila! Love this advice, seriously one of my favorite things to do! I already do all the things you said, I was hoping that you have more advice on this! Like the “level 2 and 3″ I would LOVE to hear what other advice you have on this!

  12. Tila you’re the best!
    You should definitely keep on Level 2-3 lol. I am pretty knowledgeable about sex but I still need more tips on riding my boyfriend.
    Kisses from Costa Rica, Tila <3

  13. Am in a new reletionship he keep on pushing me to have anal sex that just not something I just see my self doing so soon I tried telling him you said he’s just keep asking

  14. You can always watch a porno to get a little bit of experience, lol that’s what I do, I always find it interesting to try something new

  15. My sex life has kind of been a complicated one. I’m not experienced and is still learning. My boyfriend always compares me to his ex lovers saying “try this my ex did it like this or I liked when my ex did this” when he says that it just ruins the moment. He once commented about how his ex was really good at riding him. Ever since then I never got on top again. Tila I need ur advice. Level 2 &3 advice

  16. I am a male and here’s my question, I guess we could say I’m good size in the penis department and my girlfriend when we have sex I can tell it’s like big in her cuz she will make faces as if she is in pain and also after we finish I mean she does claim she has 3-6 orgasms maybe more bit she will be extremely sore in her vagina for 3-4 days. What I’m wondering is what can I do differently she claims it doesn’t bother her but I really feel like it would be better if I can do everything I do for her now sexually but without the pain of my as she says well endowed penis things would be more pleasurable for both of us? Advice/tips?

  17. Tila, you’re such an inspirational and sexy woman. I enjoy modeling as a hobby and have always admired your styles. Also not to forget, you are kind, brilliant and nurturing. You rock, congratulations on the baby girl news! Love from Canada xo

  18. Great tips would you tell me level 2 or 3 or beyond tips on How to ride my boyfriend? We have done it before couple of times but I don’t seem to please him or that he likes it because we will change positions but I want to learn more tips to be on top and How to ride him I only knew or know the basics we also lost our virginity to each other

  19. Dear Tina, You are so beautiful And I really love your advices. So I’m turning to you for help. I’m not a virgin but I have never went down on a boy. And I really don’t buy the whole “you just need to put it in your mout” -idea. The idea of not knowing how to do that frightens me from actually trying and learning. Please give me some tips! Love your blog!

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