How else can I please a woman in bed if I have a small penis?

Hi Tila,

I was just wondering if size really does matter to women and what if some of us aren't as big as others?  Is there anything else that guys like me can do to please the woman?  I appreciate your advice!  Thanks Tila!


Women generally tend to be a lot more polite than most guys are when it comes to sensitive subjects such as that because some guys can be just straight up rude and tell a woman that she's fat or make her feel unattractive when they themselves aren't all that either!  Women are just more gracious about being polite when it comes to whether or not size matters or not.  Most of the time we'll say that it doesn't matter and that could very well be true if you know how to please her in other ways.  It all just depends.  For instance, some guys may have a super large penis, but because they think since they have a big one that they don't have to do anything else and they tend to slack off and think they are God's gift to women when that couldn't be further from the truth.  Then there are other cases where a guy can have a much, much smaller penis size, but as long as he uses his other resources such as oral or his fingers amongst other things such as toys etc. than sex can absolutely be amazing!  For the most part size doesn't matter, but a nice big one is always a plus!  That doesn't mean that it's everything though as I just explained why above.

Now let's get to the good part.  If you have a smaller sized penis and are insecure about it, do not worry because there are still many other ways to please your woman and make her climax! Since you are lacking in the penis size department you will need to make up for it in the oral department!  That is absolutely VITAL for you to be good in bed!  Just lay your woman down, kiss her passionately as you move your way down towards her boobs.  Suck on her nipples while grabbing on them at the same time. Use your other hand to reach down to her vagina while you're still sucking on her nipples.  Doing multiple things at once to her body will drive her insane as she gets more aroused!  Then as you reach her vagina make sure to just first tease it.  Rub on her clit for a little bit until you see her hips starting to move around.  This means she is in heat and is wanting to feel your love!  Torture her a little.  It will make her want you like crazy!

Then as you feel her getting more wet, slowly start to slip one finger inside of her vagina while still playing with her clit at the same time with your thumb or your other hand.  As she starts to squirm and get wet that's when you slip in both fingers all the way deep inside of her.   If you're really good then try to curve your fingers so that it goes in all the way but have it so that it's curving and pointing towards her lower back area. Most women's G-spots are right there and if you know how to hit that spot with your fingers you will make her squirt all over you!  Just cup your fingers to make like a "C" shape while continuing to finger her.  Trust me she will cum and scream for more!  She will be throbbing at this point, her hips moving in the same motion as your fingers.  This is a good sign because this means she's ready for MORE!

What you do now is pull out your fingers while she is still soaking wet down there and throbbing for your love!  This would be the perfect time for you to go down on her while she is super sensitive and tender at that moment.  Use your tongue and caress her all over her clit.  Keep on licking her down there as if you're kissing her and making out with her.  Every once in a while it feels really good too when you suck on it and move your entire tongue all around it and even push it inside of her.  She will go crazy for you!  Then as you are doing this you can slowly slip both of your fingers back inside of her vagina while you are still eating her out.  By now I'm sure she would have cum so, so many times and tell you how much she loves you! lol  Keep going at it for a while and then when you see that she just cannot take it anymore that's when you lift up her legs, put them over your shoulders, and then put your penis as deep as you can inside of her.  Just start pounding her as you continue to rub on her clit while her legs up on your shoulders!

I promise you if you can keep this up then size REALLY DOES NOT MATTER!  This is what women love and she will DEFINITELY fall in love with you after a great night of sensual sex like that!  I've had some guys before who were really not that big but they were GREAT at oral and so it made up for everything else!  So not to worry just get that tongue and fingers working and you'll be just fine!!  Good luck! - Miss Tila

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36 thoughts on “How else can I please a woman in bed if I have a small penis?

  1. Good advice. Think about it this way guys, Penis Insecurities started because the media wanted to make “bigger better”, well it’s not. The G-Spot is located 4 inches inside the Vagina, meaning if you have a larger cock than 4″, it’s quite easy to miss it! If you’re 4-6″ (average) you’ll be perfect! Now if you’re smaller than that, no worries. Fingering, eating out, ass play, etc. all work wonders to get her where she needs to go! Just be patient, and put her needs first, and you’ll both be happy in the end!

  2. what if i have no girl friend and I dont get laid ever how about people like me ? can you make some posts about that ?

      1. That is the worst advice ever. Sometimes we just need to find the right partner as a human. Other times you just need to put yourself out there. It depends on what you really want with a woman. I mean being a woman, a lot of woman are comfortable now a-days to be a casual sex partner. I say explore the world for options!

    1. I’ve had one gf my entire life, we broke up two years ago and since then I’ve been single and rejected by every girl I asked out.

      1. If your fat, suck it up and join a gym.
      2. If your shy, go to parties/social events as often as you can to help build social skills
      3. If your ugly, start dressing better and get a proper haircut/beard growing to maximize your attractiveness. Proper fitting clothes and hair/facial hair can turn a 5/10 to a 7-8/10
      4. Talk to girls like you would your guy friends. Putting them on a pedestal will just make you look desperate.
      5. Patience, it will happen eventually. I consider myself a 6/10. After a 2 year dry spell and a lot of practice, I have managed to get 3 girls numbers this month. I’ve got a second date lined up with an 8/10 hottie.

  3. What if you have never climaxed as a woman. I’ve never have I’m not even sure if my body will allow it.

      1. Brother, EVERY woman CAN climax. I emphasise CAN, because most women start to feel that new sensation, don’t know what it is, get uncomfortable because they about to lose total control of their body and mind (literally) and STOP you. Hence, your statement above. She will only surrender her will after she is comfortable and completely trusts you.

        Like every male is the same, so is the female. They all have the same body parts, of course in different sizes.
        Rub our helmit the right way and eventually we spit.
        Rub the womon “in that” right way and she may give birth. Haha

        1. sometimes it does not matter the size of your dick sometimes having a big dick girls don’t like so much. my thing to you is to bring toys into the bedroom bring foreplay into the bedroom use fruits use use candles use your imagination girls love role play one thing I know I hate is a dead fish in the bed so is it if you just lay there and you’re back in let me pound you that’s over with I am a pound you and its over we r never call her again

    1. It took me until I was in a loving mature relationship where i was completely relaxed while having intercourse with my boyfriend; to finally be able to climax. I had actually never been able to even make myself climax. Sometimes you need to experiment with your body, find what feels right, find what you don’t like so you can inform your partner, mention what you do like to him/her. You should also be aware that women’s wants change every month due to hormones. One month you might want oral really bad, the next month you may just want to take control, another time maybe you just really want to touch yourself. We’re weird creatures but in time you may be able to hit that climax. I do say it also takes the right partner as well to hit that spot for you. It took a lot of work to finally get me there but after I finally did for the first time ever, I’ve been able to have one every time, sometimes multiple which is really strange but really good feeling. Good luck!

    2. i was like that for years and then one night it happened only cause he played with the clit while i was on top and did not stop playing with it when i told him to when it felt strange and i was confused, after your first orgasm you will know what to do to get to it and your body will move accordingly, you just need a man that gets you there the first time :) and then you can forget to being able to last hours cause climaxing is really exhausting

    3. It’s all about exploring with an open mind. And practice with someone who won’t give up trying, no matter how long it takes or how many times. That sounds all good for the guy, let me tell ya, it can stop being fun. But u know good sex isn’t always about a climax.

  4. Marie, most likely at this point you’re over thinking it! Use a shower head on your clit or get some toys! Any girl can climax! :)

  5. Hi Tilla, I don’t know where i can write my question to you. Please tell me, how i can convince my girlfriend to anal sex, i think we can try and decide, this is good or no. Because i want only to try this. Can You help me? What do you think about anal sex it is good? My English is not very good because i am from Central Europe, so i’m sorry.

    1. when you are laying down in bed with her lay behind her on the side and poke her, tell her you are not going to do it, that you just feel like poking her. after a while suddenly stop, she will ask it cause the muscles will feel weird after you stopped and she will realize it wasn’t a bad sensation. that’s how it worked for me the first time. don’t show sexual interest tho, just play and then she will ask for it. and being the first time don’t go in immidiatly, sounds gross but you should play with her anus using lubricant to help her muscles prepare for the penetration, just one finger, very slowly. if this method does not work try putting your pinky in her anus while having sex and see how she feels about it. or directly ask her :)

  6. Do girls even like acrobatic shit in bed? I like picking up ladies and fucking them hard against a wall, but I’ve also heard a lot of girls say this stuff is gay.

    I don’t even know, women confuse me.

  7. Is there any ways to last longer during sex . I am great at oral and can usually make my partner cum and squirt multiple times with my tongue however I can only last about 5-10 mins during intercourse. She is happy with this but I feel as though she is just saying that to be nice .

    1. Actually this is where you might benefit from a visit to a sex shop. The cheapest option is while you’re having your fun bad you feel as though you’re about to cum, just give a small tug on your testicles (like you’re trying to separate it from the great of your body when you get really sweaty). s ffor the sex shop there re items called cock rings. You basically put it on, around the shaft and male fun bags when you are at half mass. It can aid you in your performance and happy fucking. :-P

  8. tila you are a amazing woman i cringe when i see a pic and you give advice you are sooo amazing why cant i find a woman as sweet as you .you , you would make any guy happy as hell you deserve the very best in life i really nnwould love to hear back from you love u tila so much

  9. sometimes it does not matter the size of your dick sometimes having a big dick girls don’t like so much. my thing to you is to bring toys into the bedroom bring foreplay into the bedroom use fruits use use candles use your imagination girls love role play one thing I know I hate is a dead fish in the bed so is it if you just lay there and you’re back in let me pound you that’s over with I am a pound you and its over we r never call her again

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