How to Ride your man like a professional sex goddess levels 2-3
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Ok so ever since I wrote a blog post yesterday here, "Help! I need some sex tips on how to ride my boyfriend"- giving a girl advice on how to ride her boyfriend for starters,  I have received a TON of emails from the ladies asking me for more tips on what to do for next for levels 2-3.  Which I would consider pro status!  And of course as we all know, I am a pro  when it comes to sex!  Now let us all get started shall we? :D

Hi Tila,

I just read your advice on How To Ride Your BF and loved it!! I'm not a virgin however tips on that specific aspect of sex would help out a lot! This guy I've been seeing, he's experienced and GREAT in bed but when I am on top, I literally don't know what else to do. I guess I've graduated the level 1 you've given but is love to know more, learn more. You're so sexy I'm sure your tips can help me drive this man WILDLY INSANE! Thanks!!



Hi Linda,

Sounds to me like you are willing and ready to take things to the next steps in the bedroom with your man to get things heated up!  This will not only be fun for you to experiment with, but also for you boyfriend who will have no idea what has gotten into you, but I assure you that it will most DEFINITELY drive him crazy... or "WILDY INSANE!" - as you put it. :D  Now that I have already gotten level 1 out-of-the-way we can get started on level 2 and 3 which are the really fun parts!

Men are very visual creatures so it helps out a lot when you can not only provide him with pleasure, but also provide him with something visually stimulating to look at while having sex.  What most women don't realize is that they are way more insecure with themselves than necessary because most guys don't even notice half of the things we tend to notice about ourselves.  This is the first major no, no when it comes to transforming yourself into a sex goddess!  As long as you are confident with yourself and set aside all of your insecurities or what you THINK he may be noticing about you then trust me.... you are already well on your way to becoming a pro as soon as you can get over your own insecurity issues with your body etc.  For example when I was about 17 years old I was probably one of the most flat chested girls out there, but I didn't care!  I used to ride my man like the rodeo until the sun came out and it drove him crazy!!  As long as you are confident behind everything you do in the bedroom that alone will spice things up 100%!  It's hard for anyone to get turned on in the bedroom when you have to sit there and have a counseling or therapy session about each other's insecurity issues!  Men want a hot, sexy, and wild woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to explore with him!

One of my favorite things to do while on top is to be  in a squatting position while his penis is deep inside of you.  This is a position to do only if you are in good shape because doing a ton of squats non-stop, you're gonna start to feel those thigh muscles burning, but the good part is that at least you will get a great work out while you're at it!  Keep on bouncing up and down on his penis in the squatting position while your full frontal vagina is all in the open right in front of his face.  Then you can either use your right or your left hand (whichever you prefer) to help you as you lean all the way back as far as you can go.  Then use your free hand to rub on your clit while still bouncing up and down on him.  This way, not only will he feel good, but at the same time he will get a full frontal and SEXY visual of his own penis pounding himself inside of you while watching you play with yourself at the same time!!!  This combination of sensation and visual combined will drive him insane!  Not to mention if he starts to see your wetness drip down all over his penis!  The more splashy it gets, the more turned on he will get!  Not to mention you, yourself will have control over where you want all of the spots to hit your G-spot!

Now aside from feelings, sensations, and visuals I must add in that SOUND is also a very important factor!  So while you are giving him this full sex combo be sure to add in a lot of your sexy sounds so he knows how good his penis feels being inside of you!  Every man loves to hear that.  What helps even more is if you actually verbally tell him during sex how much you love feeling him deep inside of you, oh baby that feels SO GOOD RIGHT THERE! Etc... things like that always turns a man on because his mind will go into overload trying to process everything at once!  From feeling your dominance taking over him while on top, while watching you visually bein so sexy, while feeling his penis throbbing at every bounce that you do, all of that combined with the sounds of your voice, telling him things he'll love to hear all at the same time... OH BOY!  In most cases he will probably already have busted a good one before you will even finish because that's how good it'll be for him!

Another thing you can do while you are still in that position is to turn around to do the reverse cowgirl on him.  What's even hotter is that if you can do it WITHOUT pulling out.  Keep him inside of you the whole time and just spin around.  He will be baffled at first and wonder what's going on, but once he realizes what you are doing he'll get even more aroused!  Once you are sitting in the reverse cowgirl position you can start to ride him for a little while so that he thinks that's the only thing you're doing... THAT IS... until you pull another total surprise on him by getting on your hands and knees (sorta like a doggy-style position) except still being in reverse cowgirl position.  Start bouncing on his penis up and down once again (sorta like a backwards twerk on his penis) but this time he will get to see your full rear end pounding up and down on his shaft right in front of his face!  He will lose it!  This will give him a great grasp onto your fine booty and get so aroused by you that he will start to  thrust his own hips up and down to pound his penis inside of you!  He is going to want to pound you from that position because there's nothing sexier to a guy than a woman who's not shy to get a little naughty for her man!  All of this will just blow his mind.... as well as his load! lol

The more booty slapping and smacking sounds going on... the better!  And remember, if you feel like you're going cum so hard that a strange "peeing-like" sensation feels like it's about to come out... do not worry!  Just relax your muscles and let it out because it's not "PEE" but it will be your first time squirting and THAT is a guaranteed for sure thing that EVERY GUY LOVES TO SEE A WOMAN DO!  But that is still for level 4 & beyond, sex professionals, however anyone can accomplish that skill as long as you continue to feel comfortable with your own body and have an open mind to explore with your boyfriend.  What people get mistaken is that sex is only a physical thing when really it is just as much a mental thing and if you can accomplish both of those things,  I promise you he will never want to look at another woman or be with another woman again!  You will be his own personal sex goddess!  HAVE FUN!!! But most importantly... always have safe sex!! Remember that practice makes perfect so do not worry if you don't get it down the first time... you will eventually and you both will love every second of it!  Enjoy!!! - Miss Tila

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42 thoughts on “How to Ride your man like a professional sex goddess levels 2-3

  1. Hello Miss Tila, I don’t know where i cen write my question. Please tell me how I can convince my girlfriend to anal sex, what I must to tell her. I think we can try and decide, this is good or no. Can You help me? What do you think about anal sex, it is good? It is worth to try? I don’t know what i must to do. I waiting for your reply.

  2. That’s awesome ! I’ve always had issues riding my boyfriend! This helped a lot thanks Tila !!

      1. Hi , my boyfriend & i been together for about 1 year & from time to time he asks me why i dont go down on him , he always gives me oral but i never return the favor & truthfully is because i fear i might suck at it & + i dont really know what do . Any advice tila !

      1. Thanks Tila tried step one now ready tobtry 2 3. Good info I’ve been married 7 yrs. Thanks

  3. Where can we email you a question ? Well I wanted to know how can I be more comfortable with anal sex ? What positions or what to do while ?

    1. Hey Melissa, I’ve recently been doing anal with my fiancé and I’m 24 I always thought it was gross or it would hurt a lot. but it’s something my fiancé loves doing so I tried it out.
      we’ve only done it about 10 times in the last 2 years but everytime it killed no matter how much lube or how slow we took it, it still hurt so bad and I felt uncomfortable. but the other day I tried something new… I got on top and had sex to get the mood going but not enough for him to cum. I pulled him out and put his dick slightly in my ass. just the tip and slowly put it in and out until I could get used to just the tip going in. keep in mind that being really horny and in the mood and lots of patience is key.
      so, once I started getting used to that I started playing with my clit while I was still on top of him with the tip of his penis still inside my ass. He then took over and lubed up his shaft with saliva (spit) and he started moving gently in and out and as soon as I would start to moan he would know he could go just a bit deeper. but honestly by playing with my clit he was able to go right in. I was so focused with the sensation of my clit being played with that it didn’t hurt as much when he completely took control.. try that and see how it goes. and in all honesty I was never comfortable with it but once I did it the first few times and saw how much it turned my man on, I started feeling comfortable with it.

      1. My boyfriend has been wanting to try anal for a long time but I’m scared I might make a mess , and I don’t want to gross him out …

        1. Tell him that your worried about it, chances are he will say he doesn’t care. Put a towel down if you’re really worried, but just try to do it within a few hours of clearing your bowels.

  4. Can I please have the next levels I cant wait to try these out my only issue is I have the coil in and my boyfriend says he can feel it when he goes really deep and he finds it uncomfortable or just strange have you any tips on how id be able to do all your tricks but him not feel the coil

  5. Hey Tila, I was wondering… I can’t twerk. My hips just don’t move that fast or that way very easily. (My ass doesn’t clap) any tips or tricks?

  6. Wow!! I’ve always wondered what that “peeing-like” feeling was. I always thought I just had to go pee so I always told him to stop or I would pee on myself. Now I know what that feeling really is!! Thanks, I really enjoy reading your tips & advice!!! (:

  7. Thanks Tila! I’ve always been a bit self conscious when riding my boyfriends, but I just got a new one and I’ll try some of these and see how he likes it!

  8. I have this lesson down pack trust me ladies he goes crazy when I switch it up from front style to backways without his dick slipping out……

  9. Tila,
    I need huge tips from you, I’ve tried this you put on level 2-3 but my boyfriend started to tell me he wanted me to be more dirty, naughty and honestly I’m not sure what to do, jajaja now I need tips from level 4!
    Thank you so much
    You’re great!

  10. Hey tila this is awesome advice :) I’m sure I do most of this LOL !
    I used to feel insecure but now it’s all good.
    Have an awesome day pretty lady . . .

    #fromNewZealand !

  11. I will confirm that dudes LOVE the squatting position. My current boyfriend is *huge* but it’s one of his favorites.

    I will say the greatest thing about being on top is that YOU can be in control (which I like, because um, sometimes he hurts!)

  12. I just read this n got turned on. I’ve tried showing my chuck stuff like this and she’s just not the spontaneous type… but when I see it on port I go nuts lol

  13. I would like to know ways of getting her more fun in bed without hurting her feelings.

  14. i discovered that my girlfriend use to suffer from mania and bipolar and now iam afraid to act with me as how she used to do with others and i do not want to hurt her i just want to leave her but her situation

    1. Play with her clit .. talk to her dirty at the same time suck on her tits .. warm her up .. fuck her from behind … put your finger in hur ass to make it abit roomy.. and then slowly put your dick in it .. finger her virgina at the same time to make it still feel satisfied

  15. Tila great advice when I get my man I’m SOO doing the reverse cowgirl you are FABULOUS :)

  16. Hi Tila! I was wondering if you could give me tips on anal. I didn’t know where to write my question. My boyfriend and I have crazy passionate sex and he always is asking for anal but I’m so scared cuz we have tried before and it hurts a lot. Can you give me any tips on what to do?

  17. Hi tila .. iv been with my partner for 5 years and he has a problem with ejaculating too fast .. he would only last up to 2-3mins of pumping, cum and then not want it till the next day

    1. hi dynesha ^ mines the same, well partner for 6 yrs and same problem but its not about wanting it till the next day for me its more like days to weeks and sometimes even months the longest is 3 months, it can be quiet sexually frustrating when he cums and i guess he is or would be satisfied, but i am left wanting and unsatisfied and just wish he had more of a libido where if he cums and thats it and then he wants it the next day i would be happier with that..but i dont even have that:( just want to share

  18. Love you Tila but don’t you think this kind of stuff on here is a bit too much! It doesn’t bother me but what about the fans you have that are under 18 which you have a lot of? I wouldn’t want younger kids reading this! Think about your daughter-would you want her to read this if she was 14???

    1. I’m an adult and I am merely just answering some of the questions that people write me. These aren’t just topics that I make up and write about all day long. It’s called supply and demand. People ask me for advice then I shall give it. As for kids under 18… well that’s not really my problem because their parents should be more responsible for what they do. Not me. Plus, this is not anything pornographic. I would much rather have my child learn something educational rather then go off and experiment blindly and do something incredibly stupid. It’s better to educate people than to have them learn things the hard way. As for as my daughter… she’s not even born yet more or less me worrying about her reading things like this when she is 14. That’s 14 years from now and I’m sure at that age she’ll know that I will be whooping her little ass if she’s going around having sex behind my back.

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