Learn how to not give a fuck in 10 easy steps
fuck off!

Having been working in the entertainment industry for 15 very long years now it's safe to say that I am quite a credible source when it comes to giving advice on learning how to "not give a fuck" what people think of you!  What I have learned from being in the public eye after all of these years and being so close with my fans from giving advice, to reading your emails, and getting to know you all as a whole, has given me a lot of insight on what the general public truly thinks and feels about themselves behind closed doors.   With that all I have to say is we are all FUCKED in the head one way or another.  None of us is perfect.  Nobody is.  It's just impossible.  The only difference is that now with the internet age booming everyone has a way to hide behind their computer screens and either portray a very seemingly "happy" life while really those very same people most likely have some really serious depression issues or something else going wrong in their lives.  So it's very true when the saying goes, "Never judge a book by it's cover."  Me of all people know that better than anyone else out there!

So now I am here to share my wonderful knowledge with you all on learning how to not give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about you!  First of all just remember that those people hating on your or gossiping about you online or in school or at work or WHEREVER else, just know that they most likely 100% of the time have issues of their own to work out in their personal lives.  What I have learned through my life lessons and experiences is that people who are truly, truly happy with themselves don't really gossip or go out of their way to hate on people. Especially online.  They just don't.  Truly happy people don't need to put up a facade about how perfect their world and their love life is.  It just is and this keeps them busy so they really don't have time to waste on negative energy and hating on other people.  So the ones that do, I can almost guarantee you that those are the ones with major, deep-seeded issues going on in their lives that is why they are always talking down on you.  But what's important is that you KNOW what I say is true so that you don't ever let it get to you!

You must remind yourself that:

  1. Do these people pay your bills? No? Ok then they can shut the fuck up and suck it!
  2. Do these people have better lives than you?  Most likely they do not if they are hating on you.
  3. Would it make any difference whatsoever in your life if any of these morons died tomorrow? No? ok then they can fuck off too!
  4. Do these people have some really dark and shameful secrets that they hide about themselves? Most likely they do so that's the only reason why they try so hard to make it seem like they have perfect lives while picking on yours.  Remember, truly happy people just do not do these things. We're too busy being happy and in love with life to bother.
  5. Do they have anything else better to do? Apparently they do not.  You give them life.  You give them some drama to thrive off of and something to do in their mundane and boring lives.  You give them some sort of a daily dose of attention and drama and without you, they would cease to exist. Making them want to further commit suicide of their intense loneliness.  So with that? Yeah they can fuck off anytime.
  6. Why would you let these morons words hurt your feelings?  Have you seen what the fuck they look like for them to talk?  Real confident, kind, and sweet people don't need to push others down to feel better about themselves so the ones that do are most likely jealous of you one way or another.  I guarantee it.
  7. So what if you like to fuck? Who is anyone to talk shit about you? They are most likely angry because while you're out there getting laid and getting paid they're at home all alone online jerking it in their mama's basement.  Why in the hell would you let those types of vermin hurt your feelings?
  8. Next time anyone says anything bad about you there is always one answer to solve this issue: Tell them to FUCK OFF!
  9. If they do not fuck off then you can  bet your ass that they are envious of you!
  10. Love yourself and know that you are the bomb dot com!  If you have people talking shit about you or hating on you then you KNOW you are doing something right!  Now fuck off and have a great life!

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Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

34 thoughts on “Learn how to not give a fuck in 10 easy steps

  1. You have no idea how bad I needed to read something like this today. Thank you sincerely love!

  2. Tila you are fabulous thank you for that awesome entry…you should def write some books you have talent girl <3

    1. Yes Tila, You should write a book! I love ur advice, i love that people like you are out here! Finally people with a good way of thinking!!!

  3. It looks like you really don’t take on your OWN advice. You help all these fake ass fans with your advice that they even believe it. Those are shallow conscienceless people, not knowing for some ODD reason they are reading advice from a slut who got penetrated 50 times. Plus, who the hell knows who is the father? Your baby is going to grow up very bad environment, just like Snooki. If your son is a boy, I bet he’s going to be ashamed for you being a whore mother walking in his school. I hope you live your life full of dicks because when you die, nothing will be remembered you but a woman who’s vagina is loose.

    1. It’s obvious you have some jealousy issues here, deal with it and get some 50 cocks of your own!! live and let live man…or women or vermin!

    2. Agree with this gay fucker. Tila is just a whore slut who does porn videos that people jerk off to. Like me ;) Good body, Good for fuck but don’t give advice. Your Engrish is horrible and you should stop doing sex tapes. Have some dignity you’re gonna have a baby soon.

      ‘Now fuck off”

      1. Shut the fuck up you douchebag tila made porin so fucking what if you don’t like her get off her website asshole she’s pregnant and she’s going to be a mommy she’s changing her life around . You think she’s the only person who ever made porn dumbass grow up .get a life .

      2. to the responder < your mother problably wished she could made some sex tapes but nahh.. '' your engrish is horrible'' ? Just go away from here, ur not interesting or something

    3. Pipe the fuck down, my friend. None of your fucking business what she does now or what she did in the past. If you don’t like it, fuck off in your perfect little life and hide there but don’t fucking hate other people when other people hate you for being who you are.

    4. Snooki is a good mom and has totally changed her life . Her son isn’t living in a bad environment freak shut you’re dirty mouth snooki had fun and enjoyed her life . She didn’t make porn don’t compare her to tila there different people .

    5. You know what you are? A fucking idiot! It seems to me that you are a stalker on Tila. Otherwise, what’s a small penis mother fucker who can’t get anything but his mother, doing on a website that is dedicated to parenthood? Are you the same dickwad as you were many years ago? Oh, sorry, I guess you are. But most normal people live and learn and grow up. I think you are just a jealous POS that watched her on stream jerking off and pissed at her because you wanted her and could not have her. Demented illusioners like you need to be …. removed forever…..

    6. STFU you should be ashamed yourself! Imagine you a gay “dude” as you call youself giving advice to a woman. You are a man, stay in your own world, you know nothing about being a MOTHER.

      and your comment was just gross, Tila wont tell her child, i’m quite sure her child will be safeguarded by her actions in the media, just like MJ’s children was. So why leave the most stupid comment ever written?

  4. You’re Amazing. I never comment on anything on the web, NEVER! but I had to because the nasty comment below is an exact testaments to what you’re saying-i just felt I had to point this out! As evident, MOST are hypocritical ignorants that thankfully for those of us in the ‘know’ & ‘now’ don’t give a flying FUCK! Gonna live my life now. Peace xx

  5. Any decent moral person would disagree with Ms ‘Tequila’ here. Nobody needs to argue why making porn and all the other revolting things she has done is undignified. She Should grow up and give a Fudge, as an adult and responsible parent. Shes Not a 16 y.o. kid anymore.

  6. To all the haters on my website…. the million hits in the first week I got on my website.. the people CLEARLY disagree with you losers! Now FUCK OFF! lol Or not cuz all you’re doing is getting me even more paid for all of my website hits. #EpicFail4Haters lol

  7. Ironic, just by dignifying a response to your “haters” clearly shows that YOU DO GIVE A FUCK and deep down inside it does bother you. #TakingTheLowRoad

  8. Hey bitch, remove my comment because I point out you’re a Vietnamese slut who’s ashamed to be Asian? Haha. Doesn’t that just PROVE that your gay ass rantings about NOT giving a fuck are totally incorrect? Hey, bitch, removing my comment PROVES you give a fuck and are all butt hurt that someone pointed out you are a disgrasian <– do you even know what that IS you talentless SLUT? You're ASIAN and talentless? That must fucking suck. Coming from a race that produces super-mega talented singers and actors, yet you can't sing or act for shit. Even random Vietnamese girls in bikini coffee shops LOOK better than your silicone fake ass raggedy anne hoe looking slut STD infested slut bitch body. If I was your mom, I'd slap the fuck out of you and say, "Hey bitch, I didn't escape Vietnam to give birth to a talentless motherfucking ugly daughter." and throw some rice up in your fucking face and make you eat it to remind yourself that you're a fucking Asian. A talentless fucking Asian. Now go suck a dick…OH WAIT you already did LOLOLOL on countless sex tapes. Fuck you.. Sincerely, from every Asian out there

    1. By the looks of this comment, I believe you have some severely deep anger issues lol. This women Is bearing a child as we speak, so lets show some respect, she is sacred for the time being. I truly don’t think she did anything wrong to you and to be quite honest you sound a little psychotic. Your OBVISOUSLY not a beautiful Viet because your personality is hideous. And considering the fact that you’re on an advice column, let me give you some…get a life and remeber the hate in your heart WILL leave you blind.

  9. Stop the bullshit! You are a classic attention whore. i can easily tell You secretly love the attention you talk down on so much, good or bad. I mean what person with over 2 million fans on Facebook voluntarily post’ numerous photos on Facebook then people it’s none of their business for asking who the father is? And I’ll honestly say that every 9 out of 10 of these so-called HATERS give pretty dead accurate statements, but I guess it’s easier for you to dismiss them as HATERS and attack their character instead of accepting what they say at face value. Get over yourself, because if you didn’t give a fuck you wouldn’t have posted it in the face place dum-dum! Common sense does not cost a dime

    1. Bitches thrive on attention, positive or negative. You’re just feeding into her ego complex. Don’t show ANY attention to these dumb whores, positive or negative attention. MGTOW 4 life, /b/rothers!!!!

    2. Thats all what ur daddy asked for xD a classic attention whore, but no all he get was ur mom

  10. SHOW SOME RESPECT to the same woman that clearly faked a pregnancy and misscarriage in 2010 for media attention, uses racial slurs and called the mourning family of her ex-fiance ‘a piece of shit?’ She knows damn well that every last one of these comments are well deserved

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