Photos of Tila Tequila Posing in Her Pink Blush Maternity Dress

Today I just got a very lovely package filled with beautiful maternity summer dresses that I personally picked out from Pink Blush Maternity!  Since this is my first time pregnancy,  I was having a hard time shopping for maternity clothes because that's not something I've ever done before!  You can read all about my 1st time pregnancy clothes frustrations in one of my previous journal entries here.   Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Pink Blush Maternity for all of the beautiful summer dresses!  They look FABULOUS on me and I will most definitely be a return customer come fall!  I finally have maternity jeans that actually fit me and they feel so comfortable!  I never used to know a thing about maternity clothes, but I sure do now!  😀 😀 😀  Thanks again!

Also, for all of you beautiful pregnant ladies out there who are looking for stylish, yet affordable maternity wear to buy I most definitely recommend checking out!  They have a vast variety of clothing and it's all so beautiful and feminine!  Makes you feel even more girly and sensual during pregnancy!  Plus, they are very affordable prices!  Tell them that Miss Tila sent ya! 😀

Here are some pictures of me posing in one of their dresses and being silly!  And look at that ever growing belly!  Oh my!  What a happy, and silly Mommy I am!  I can't wait for my little princess to see all of these documented journals and pictures of her Mommy while she's still inside of my belly!  Only 4 more months and she'll be here already! Ohhhh how time flies, but I am so excited!!!! YAY!!!! WE LOVE YOU BABY TILA!! hehehhe (Especially me, your Mommy!) 😀 <3

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11 thoughts on “Photos of Tila Tequila Posing in Her Pink Blush Maternity Dress

  1. Tila you are looking gorgeous! Just love that pregnancy glow! I am definitely checking out Pink Blush Maternity link as I have had such a hard time finding maternity clothes and as yourself I didnt know anything about it as I am a first time mom. Keep posting your pics darling! Much love to you and baby Tila! XOXOXOXO!

      1. Tila, you super star, at you royal blood, you the real billionaire! You are able to do everything, at you very much a sound health.
        Oh, oh, oh, at me a headache and obviously schizophrenia, I malicious Pol Pot. Oh, oh, oh, I have died.

  2. Que linda Tila!!! You look super pretty with your little one! Send u a kiss and a hug from Panama 🙂

  3. Wow you’re so big for 21 weeks she’s going to be so pretty like her mommy when are you look so healthy and happy i wish you all the best and you look so lovely in the dress .

  4. lovely as always miss tila beatiful bump you will make such an amazing mother your baby is one lucky girl <3

  5. isn’t that a shirt? why aren’t you wearing pants, shorts or skirt under it? its not a dress

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