Tila Tequila, Pregnant with a baby girl poses in hot pink bikini pictures

This past weekend I got to take some time off from blogging and enjoy some fun in the sun while getting to show off my ever growing baby belly here at 5 months!  I used to be so, so tiny and skinny compared to how I am now, but regardless I still LOVE being pregnant and gaining some weight here and there for the sake of your baby is totally worth it!  I'm loving all of my imperfections because they are beautiful since you are carrying a growing MIRACLE in your body!  Plus, I know I'll lose all of the baby weight as soon as my little angel pops out later this year!!!  Woohoo!  I can't wait!  😀 😀 😀  You can read a little bit more about my weekend here in my Dear Diary journal entry!  It's been so much fun sharing my journey with you all!  More to come... that's for sure! 😀 😀 😀

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Hey sexy mama!

Hey sexy mama!


Getting all nice and oiled up!

Getting all nice and oiled up!

Ohhh baby girl you're making it hard for Mommy to breathe!

Ohhh baby girl you're making it hard for Mommy to breathe!

Awwww look at that cute belly! :D

Awwww look at that cute belly! 😀

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Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

20 thoughts on “Tila Tequila, Pregnant with a baby girl poses in hot pink bikini pictures

  1. Hey Tina I know you had a book job before so I was wondering how that will affect breastfeeding feeding.. I am thinking about getting mine done and have done research but it’d be nice to hear from someone who is going to be having a baby ! I want kids and to breastfeeding feed.. Thank you 🙂

    1. some women get breast implants under the muscle that are able to breast feed. but if you receive implants in front of muscle you can not and will have to have them taken out. the implants will block certain milk ducts if not behind muscle. best of luck.

  2. You look very pretty. You have a beautiful preggo body. Looks like you enjoyed your weekend

  3. Hey Tila! First I just want to say I sincerely hope you read this comment. It will mean so much to me to be noticed and thought of by you if only for a moment! I have been following you since MySpace and have watched you go through SO many changes. I’ve seen you in your darkest hours. There were times where I may have been confused by your actions, but I have never turned my back on you. Now I am here to witness one of the most beautiful moments in your life. You are such a gorgeous mother and I can’t wait to see your baby girl. She is the luckiest girl in the world to have a mother that believes in beauty as much as you do. I am so proud of you for getting your sobriety back. It is a feat unfortunately only few can conquer, but you did it. Despite what has been thrown at you in recent years you have always remained true to yourself and fans. I just hope you read this so you can understand my respect for you. I love you, Tila. I have turned to your blogs, music and random Facebook musings in my saddest moments, because I knew you just being yourself would make me smile.

    I normally would not get so mushy. It’s just that I know your website is new and you may be watching the comments. I’ve always loved your web designs and this website is no exception! I greatly anticipated it’s opening and was not disappointed! Anyway, I just wish you the best in everything! Love you, Tila! 🙂

    1. Awwww that is so sweet! It means a whole lot to me and your support of me throughout all of my ups and downfalls in life is always appreciated! And you’re right … it is NOT an easy feat to get over your addictions and do a total 180 on your life for the better! Thank you for your kind words of support and I hope you continue to enjoy my work! 😀 😀 😀

    2. You said everything I would have said. And look, she answered you. That’s just one of the reasons I find her fasinating. She answers her fans! She makes herself real to us. She lets us know who she is as well as sharing her talents. I felt like part of a family when she had another forum and things got rough at times. And she never caved in nor sold herself out about being herself. She kept on giving, too. Her soft voice with soothing words and song. Wonderful!

  4. Hey Tila i hope you read this, I just wanted to say that i have been a huge supporter of you. I have always stuck up for you when i see mean posts about you. I know it prolly don’t bother you that much anymore because people are just going be stupid but i just wanted to say I have your back. I know your a celebrity and all but i would love to talk more i need some advice on things and i think you could be great for it. Congratulations on the new baby girl she is gonna be so precious. 🙂 🙂

  5. You look amazing and just wanted to wish you all the best, I think motherhood will be the making of you, we all have a past, people need to move on and let you enjoy this time 🙂 Take care xx

  6. looking amazing tila have you though of any names yet for you’re baby and when are you due you look so small though for 6 months .

    1. Hello My Gorgouse Angel and little Ms T cup I can’t put it in enough words, you hear about falling angels but you placed icing on the cake, looking at toure photos I asked Myself how could any one say no to her You are a Keep Her and I love you more than tou couver know

  7. Are you actually really pregnant this time? You have lied about it more than once before….

    1. Are you dumb or just ignorant tila is halfway through her pregnancy she isn’t faking . She’s got 4 months left til she gives Birth can’t you tell by her stomach that it’s more rounder . She has a 3d baby sonogram picture up on here page on here why don’t you go and look at it . That’s a real baby bump .

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