Welcome to the official launch of my website today!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my official website!  Today is the first day it has finally gone live and I have put a lot of work into it so far so I truly hope you enjoy all of the content I have provided so far!  There will be TONS more things added as time passes on, but for now I just hope you all enjoy all of the advice that I give, my personal dear diary entries about my life, sharing my joys of motherhood with you, my online auto-biography, all of the photos (there will be TONS more coming as I have a ton of photo-shoots coming up this month.  I can't wait!) videos, poetry and so, so much more!  Later on today I will also be making my first official announcement on the sex of my baby so please be sure to subscribe to my website so that you don't miss out on anything!

Well enough of my blabbering.  I'm just excited that you are all here so please browse through my website and enjoy your stay!  There will be lots more to come so stay tuned!!!!!!!!  This is only just the beginning!  YAY!


Miss Tila


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Self-made, controversial, reformed hollywood party girl-turned sober, and now a healthy, single, and happy Mommy to be! Life is great! :)

21 thoughts on “Welcome to the official launch of my website today!

  1. Amazing job & congrats on the website Tila.Everything looks amazing.I don’t even know where to begin. lol 😀

  2. Love the website girl it’s awesome! I just had to subscribe so I will finally know the sex!! Congrats hunni good luck you’re doing great!!

  3. Such an awesome website you did wonderful congrats on baby!!!! Can’t wait to find out the sex of your lil princess or lol man!!! 🙂 and I’ve always loved and been a fan of yours!!! Your one gorgeous mama!!!

  4. Hello Tila! Just to say that I love the website! Just love all this positive energy and vibes you radiate. Plus it is very exciting to see your belly growing as the days go by! Can’t wait to hear about the baby’s sex! Can’t wait to keep reading all of your post and updates. Want to see the nursery too. Much love your way for you and your little one! OXOXO

  5. Hey there TIla, you are gorgeous…love ur photos and videos (specially 18+ (xxx) stuff) very much 🙂 and wishing good luck on your new birth 🙂 hope to see a new xxx video with milky boobs 😀 xdd….just im being me 😀 takecare and wishing good luck to you:)

  6. My original post that included my email was blocked, so I am posting again so you can reach us via email if you would prefer to keep the posts on a more positive note.
    My wife and I are fighters on the inside and wondering if you are still trying. If not, we understand. Thank you for your bravery.

  7. Tila, I have a lot of questions for you that have nothing to do with this blog…but things you have posted before…i know eyes and ears are all over. i would love to meet you in person. i need to know the truth. i need to know where to run to.

  8. or get in contact with me privately and i can send you my address. mail is safer than in person right? you don’t know me and i’m sure you’re wary. i would be too. you can find me on facebook. i’m the only nikki bandyk. thank you for being so brave. you’re wonderful.

  9. Nikki – Those of us stuck inside this thing understand that we oppose at great personal risk. Though a certain amount of dissent between us that are affected is tolerated by those who control us, we know that we endanger those on the outside by directly interacting with them. FB and email is membership controlled, so don’t post your evac’ plans in either or on the phone. Those of us on the inside are locked-down pretty tight and because of hypno-induced MPD we are our own worst enemies despite the element of free will we use to oppose the others.

  10. Congrats on the incoming baby girl and the new site Tila! I’ve been missing my daily dose of anonymous truth and I’m sure this new chapter’s going to be just as fun 🙂

  11. Tila just know you were heard nice and clear , regardless of what they got you doing now.

  12. Just found out that you’re a truther! Much respect and looking forward to your online work. Congrats on everything, Tila!

  13. I was wondering if your Myspace/twitter was allowed to continue running as well as this one. I’m a big fan. Can’t wait to learn more.

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